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Love is in the Air
Love is in the Air 1.png
The first satellite beacon.
Story Mission
Previous Broadcast News
Next I've Got the Power
Faction The Agency
Location The supposed medical facility between mount Teleno and mount Gabriel.
Destabilized Provinces Provincia Quesada
Safehouse Unlocked Agency 04 Camp Beachcomber
Vehicles at Safehouse GP Thunder Extreme Prototype

Love is in the Air is the twelfth storyline mission in Just Cause (1).


Mission information from the PDA: "The medical facility between Mount Teleno and Mount Gabriel is a little more than meets the eye it seems. Information received from Carmona claims that this is where Mendoza cooks up his weapons of mass destruction. Go there and recon the area."

Use the gallery below for reference with the action.


You'll be provided with a Huerta PA51 Aztek helicopter, but the facility is well guarded by several SAMs, so get too close to the base and it will get shot down.

You have to place three satellite beacons in their designated locations. Do not try to start at the top, as you won't have enough time in the end. It is best to Parachute to the middle location first and parachute down to the lowest one. The center is the easiest one and it is on top of a building. The last one will be at the top of the facility. You can use a car to drive to the highest part of the base and of course, there will be military patrols trying to stop you, so Rico will probably have to get a new vehicle along the way. The last beacon has to be placed at 3 nuclear missile silos.

Tom Sheldon believes that these missiles are big enough to reach the east coast of the United States. After placing the last beacon, the missiles begin a countdown sequence and Maria Kane advises Rico to reprogram one of them to hit the base. The missile control panel is inside a bunker. There's a time-limit, so speed will be needed. Once Rico has reprogrammed the missile, he must evacuate the base quickly, or Rico is blown up and the mission will fail. The fastest way out is to Parachute your way off the mountain at the nearest cliff. This will show a short cut-scene where the facility explodes with a huge fireball, nearly knocking Tom's wine over and the mission ends.

The next Agency safehouse is unlocked and Rico will spawn there. This safehouse is the Agency 04 "Camp Beachcomber" safehouse.

After the mission, the silos are not there anymore, but the rest of the facility is still there. Realistically, the redirected nuclear missile hitting the area (and maybe even blowing up the other two) would destroy everything in the area of the fireball and devastate the surrounding area possibly even as far as where Tom and Maria were.

Other tips and alternative tactics

  • The anti-aircraft missile launchers can be destroyed in advance, but this does not work in every game version, because they could respawn by the time you get back to them.
  • Start at the lowest location first. It's at some fuel tanks. There is a Wallys GP parked there to drive up to the center one.
  • If in trouble with low health, the cliffs outside the base are entirely free of enemies. Parachuting over the southern area may cost some health and circling around the cliffs to the west is tricky, but all the enemies in the base might well be a greater danger to Rico's health.
  • When escaping the explosion, you are expected to get away from the bunker where Rico reprogrammed the missiles. This means that further inside the facility is also safe, despite the presumably nuclear explosion.
  • The Black Hand are using Haswell Gen2 Vindicators and they deal surprisingly very effective damage to themselves.


  • This is the second appearance of the Black Hand, the first being River of Blood.
  • One of the largest explosion events in the Just Cause Universe occurred in this mission.
  • After this mission, the facility is intact. Realistically this facility should be nonexistent. Considering the area this facility occupies, even a non-nuclear missile could wipe out the existence of this facility.
  • This mission features some rare vehicles:
    • This is the only time the Wallys GPs with Mounted Guns spawn here. They do not spawn here normally.
      • This is also the last time where you will find them at a set spawn point. After this mission, it is still possible *albeit rare* to still come across one in sidemissions.
    • This is the only appearance of the Agency Huerta PA51 Aztek.