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JC4 Luis about to be arrested
About to be arrested.
Character in Just Cause 4
First appearance Operation Whiteout
Faction Army of Chaos
Job Sargento, third in command
Last known status Live

Luis also known as Sargento and as Señor Ruiz is a character in Just Cause 4.

Personal infoEdit

He was a street gangster, living at El Abismo. This means that he was poor.

At the end of the mission Rocanegra Shutdown he is apparently "so happy that [he] could hug" Izzy. This does not amuse her and she tells him not to.


As an El Abismo street gangster, he likely already had a criminal past, as Gabriela mentions that nearly everyone there was an outlaw.

One day Rico visited the town. This caused the Black Hand to show up and threaten them for harboring a terrorist. The civilians were reluctant to co-operate, so the Back Hand was about to arrest him and Mira for further interrogation. At this point Rico intervenes and saves them. This inspires the nearby crowd of gangsters to fight off the small force of Black Hand.

Later that day Rico founds the Army of Chaos and starts calling Luis "Sargento". Sargento seems to be the third in command in the Army of Chaos.

In one his earlier missions he tells Rico that he'd like to be "in the shit", just like him and that he'd like to be a field agent of sorts. Rico tells him that "[they're] in the shit right now" and tells him to stay behind the front as the person who sets up missions.

See Category:Sargento's missions for the missions that he arranges.

In one random encounter where Rico picks up a Black Hand spy, he calls Luis "Señor Ruiz" to avoid being recognized by name, if the call should be over-heard by the Black Hand.

In the mission Beachhead he says that he remembers how Rico told him to stay on the safe side of the front line, but he apparently "needs this one", so they went on the mission together. These were really only possible glitches and minor errors in the NPC A.I., but it seems that Rico made the right call when he originally told Sargento to stay safe. In the mission Sargento can have trouble navigating past a lamp post and may fire a rocket launcher at a target two meters from himself.