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MV Quartermaster
MV Quartermaster
Vehicle in Just Cause 2
Type Military off-road vehicle
Weapons Mounted Gun turret
Rarity Very rare
List of owners Panau Military
The following statistics are from the official strategy guide.
Top Speed 66
Acceleration 45
Armour 65
Handling 65

The MV Quartermaster is a military off-road car in Just Cause 2.


It's one of the 3 very similar vehicles, based on the HMMWV (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, or "Humvee" as some call it).

The Quartermaster is essentially an unarmored Marten Storm III. Both have a Mounted Gun turret and a pair of small doors in the rear. However, it is possible to find a turretless Quartermaster.

MV Quartermaster is one of a few four-door vehicles and has the largest people capacity of 6 people at once in the game. The way to have 6 people is 4 inside the vehicle, 1 in the turret and Rico in Stunt position. Other characters can't (or don't) use the stunt position. Otherwise the capacity would be 7.

It can spawn in snow, desert and jungle camouflage, and a black variant is used by the Panauan Secret Service. In the mission Checking the Menu it spawns in Reapers red.

The things at the back of the vehicle which resemble radios of some sort seem to have no use to Rico.

The vehicle can come in many various colors, including black without mounted gun (Panau Secret Service), red (Reapers), white (Berawan Besar Mountains), green, and khaki (Lautan Lama Desert).


Generally, the Quartermaster drives the same as its base model (MV V880), it's just that you have a different rear section to stare at while driving around Panau. This means that it's a very good off-road vehicle with a moderate top speed and a small turning radius that allows one to pull off some really sharp turns.


There is no known version of this vehicle that would turn the aiming box green and would let you drive it without getting Heat.

During missionsEdit

  • Many missions, such as "Taming the Beast", that contain Roadblocks, have Quartermasters with gunners as part of their lineup.
  • Two can be seen at the end of the Reapers mission "Checking the Menu" in a unique red color with Reaper soldiers manning the guns.
  • The second Ular Stronghold takeover, "Pilgrimage", forces you to encounter these as you head for the small ruined temple at the top of the village. They will drive in and fire on your comrades, surrounded by soldiers. Occasionally, one Quartermaster may end up greeting you near the main Guard Towers leading into the village.
  • In the Ular mission "One Deadly Sin" a black MV Quartermaster with no turret is protecting your objective. It is obtainable, but is very hard to get without it being destroyed because you will be shot at once in it.
  • In the mission cutscenes of "Mountain Rescue". Jade Tan is transported in a turretless version. Oddly enough, during gameplay it turns into a winter camouflaged MV V880, but in the cut-scenes it reverts to desert camouflage.

During free-roam gameplayEdit

  • Although extremely rare, a black version of the MV Quartermaster with no turret may be found patrolling the bridges connecting the Panau City districts during night-time. It is driven by Panauan Secret Service Men instead of the usual soldiers. (It is possible this only occurs once per save game).
  • When a Heat level of 4 or higher is achieved in the Senjakala Islands or any of the 9 regions except the mountains and desert, at least one turret-less Quartermaster in jungle camouflage will arrive. As such, if you get high heat in the Lautan Lama Desert, a desert camouflaged turret-less version will arrive. Likewise, if you go to the mountains and get high heat, you might find an MV Quartermaster with no turret and in a white camo color.


  • You can keep the sirens on even after exiting the vehicle by going into a stunt position and jumping off. This works with every vehicle in Just Cause 2 equipped with a siren.
  • There's an MV-like vehicle in Just Cause 3 which is also equipped with a small mounted gun turret, known as the Urga Szturm 63A.
  • The only place you can find a winter camouflaged version of this with a Mounted Gun is outside the Gunung Gila Pangkat Facility before Rocket Science.


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