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MV V880
MV V880
Vehicle in Just Cause 2
Type Military off-road vehicle
Weapons None
Rarity Quite common
List of owners Panau Military
The following statistics are from the official strategy guide.
Top Speed 66
Acceleration 45
Armour 65
Handling 65

The MV V880 is a military off-road vehicle in Just Cause 2.


It's one of the 3 very similar vehicles, based on the military HMMWV (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle) - "Humvee" to civilians.

Of all these three, this vehicle is the most closely related to the original armoured looking MV, used by the San Esperito Military.

It can spawn in desert, snow and jungle camouflage. In 'Hell on Wheels' it spawns in Reapers red, another red variant is provided for the 'Ketam Besar Trespass' race challenge.

This is one of a few four-door vehicles in the game.


Moderate speed and a small turning radius, excellent handling on rough terrain. It's V8 twin turbo allows it to be the fastest car in the desert. They're excellent escape vehicles since they handle well and can be found in several Military bases in Panau.

Despite its military nature, is not armored at all. The lack of armor is a major problem, shared with the HMMWV. It can take even fewer shots than most civilian cars. Care must be taken to keep the vehicle from catching fire during chases, especially when being fired upon by a Mounted Gun or an Assault Rifle.

The red light on the roof is usually the first part of the car to be visually damaged, falling off.


During usual game-playEdit

During faction missionsEdit

During Agency missionsEdit

  • Welcome to Panau has two of them as defense stage vehicles that drive up a ramp into the area where you destroy the SAM sites, each with three soldiers.
  • Casino Bust has Rico take on several soldiers coming from these as the military desperately try to kill Karl Blaine. Later more attack, as you make your way to Karl Blaine's Residence.
  • Mountain Rescue uses one in the final part of the mission, a chase scene. It is the vehicle transporting Jade Tan supposedly to be delivered to the U1. However, no matter how many times you fail the mission, a missile will always strike the vehicle within a certain range.

During race missionsEdit

  • A unique red MV is supplied for the "Ketam Besar Trespass" Race at X:19485 Y:26400. As a bonus it is green-marked.


  • See MV for the original Just Cause version.
  • When the soldiers, who lean out of the sides to shoot at Rico, are killed, they tend to tear their doors right off the MV. This applies to every military vehicle that has the Panau Military as a sidegunner unless of course, the vehicle has no doors, like the Wilforce Range X and Chepachet PVD.
  • This is probably the most used Panau Military vehicle in missions, seen in both Agency and faction missions. They're used for either pursuit or Roadblock purposes.
  • These may well have been "Humvees" during Papa Panay's rule, albeit with SOME kind of change or modification. The U.S. could have exported these vehicles to Panau during his reign and the Humvee was designated the present name.
  • The ones in Hell on Wheels are the only faction versions.
  • You can keep the sirens on even after exiting the vehicle by going into a stunt position and jumping off. This works with every vehicle in Just Cause 2 equipped with a siren.
  • This vehicle is possibly has a V8 engine, according to its name (V8-80).
  • This is one of, if not the only car which you can hang on the back of while in the stunt position.
  • Casino Bust features this vehicle most prominently, with 14 in total seen in the mission.


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