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A higher resolution is very difficult, if not impossible to obtain, because the machete isn't that well visible when they're running.
Weapon in Just Cause
Type Jungle cutting tool / melee weapon
Usage One handed
List of owners Civilians

The Machete is a tool in Just Cause (1).


A machete (link to wikipedia) is a sword-like jungle cutting tool for passing through extremely dense jungles. Real machetes can be anywhere between about 30 and 45 cm long, with a few rare ones up to 110 cm. In the game, the machete is about 80 cm long.


They're never seen in use and the player can't obtain one, but it may be speculated that it would make an extremely powerful melee weapon.


Some angry Civilians at the Hidden temple at Isla Maria Dolorosa are holding machetes and frequently waving them in the air while making verbal death threats at the player. This indicates that they threaten to use their machetes as a potentially very powerful melee weapon.

The civilians run from the player and stay far away from Rico.

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