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Mako Ocra
Mako Ocra
In the mission River of Blood.
Weapon in Just Cause
Type Rocket Launcher
Usage Two handed
Maximum ammunition carried 6
Maximum ammunition in the weapon 3
List of owners Guerrillas
Montano Cartel
Unnamed gang

The Mako Ocra is a rocket launcher in Just Cause (1).


Judging by its name, it is yet another heavy weapon and based on a rocket launcher. It is likely the name "Ocra" is a misspelling of "Orca", which would fit with "Mako" and "Hammerhead" as types of sea predators.

Unusually for a shoulder-fired rocket launcher, it's semi-automatic and can fire 3 rockets before having to reload. Reloading is done with what looks like just 1 rocket. Rico can carry 3 extra rockets.

The purpose seems to be more anti-tank than anti-aircraft, but it can serve both purposes.

It's rarely seen in use during a Military base Liberation, if you use a helicopter (note that this will happen because of the destruction/absence of Automatic surface to air missile launchers), but it's used a lot more if you are using a tank as the absence of any missile/rocket launcher etc, will prove an devastating disadvantage to the enemy when using the aid of an attack helicopter or a tank.

The Ocra is generally more useful as a weapon than it's brother, the Mako Hammerhead, as the Hammerhead has significantly less range, making it useless against aircraft.

It's made by the fictional company Mako.


  • At all Guerrilla safehouses, after obtaining the rank of Commadante (Commander) at 2700 points.
  • Used occasionally in liberation sidemissions. Either carried around by friendlies or enemies.
  • Usually carried by Montano Cartel goons in a certain instance of the Rioja Cartel sidemissions, presumably to provide a way for Rico to destroy a 'Potomac Car' (Potomac Silverbullet) they are guarding.
  • Can be acquired from a group of orange-suited 'gangsters' in Brothers in Arms. Before getting into the Shimizu Tumbleweed with Esperanza, use your provided helicopter to fly down the valley and bomb anything near the other Tumbleweed and Meyer Compact T that shows up in your auto-aim reticle. Once you're sure they're dead, scope out the area and you'll find that every single one of the assailants was carrying one of these rockets. Then it's just a case of killing Esperanza and aborting mission or completing it to keep your ill-gotten hardware.
  • In the mission River of Blood, it is carried by a Montano Cartel soldier. Ironically, after you kill him, he drops Grenades in addition to this, almost like he is a predecessor to the Demolition Officers from Just Cause 2.
  • In the mission Test of Loyalty, it appears as a black dot inside the compound unlike the other black dots showing entrance (and exit) shortcuts. After the mission, it disappears, assuming you didn't equip it.
  • Appears in a sidemission in the northern half of Esperito City, where you need to destroy two Ballard series armored vehicles. There will be a few soldiers with this weapon defending the vehicles.


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