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Mario Frigo
JC3 Mario Frigo Smile
Character in Just Cause 3
First appearance Welcome Home
Faction The Rebellion
Job Faction leader (until replaced by Rosa Manuela)
Last known status Alive

Mario Frigo is the deuteragonist of Just Cause 3.

Personal lifeEdit

Mario was good friends with Rico during their childhood, before Rico had to leave as a result of Di Ravello's takeover. He is in his early 30s, 5’6” (167.6 cm) and weighs 160 lbs (72.5 kg) (Where are these measurements from?). Mario is the comic relief character of Just Cause 3. He is lighthearted and has a penchant of teasing people, mainly Rico. However, in dire situations, he is a very serious and straight forward man.

As revealed in the mission Abandon Ship, Mario likes Annika Svennson because "she's so manly".

According to himself in the mission Turncoat, he can feel "woozy from moving his hips".

Vehicles of choiceEdit

He owns a disassembled Mugello Raffinati Vitesse, which is in need of restoration. Mario never finished it because he was waiting for Rico to come back and help him (possibly figuratively). He keeps it at Granmatre Frigo's house. She doesn't like it and considers it a wreck.

He's a soapbox car enthusiast, as evidenced by him driving The Rocket at N 40 47.950 E 5 42.125.

As mentioned in Derailed Extraction, Mario can't fly a helicopter.


Before the events of Just Cause 3, Mario began a rebellion against Di Ravello's dictatorship. It is described by Roland Lesterlin to be "failing" until the arrival of Rico.

As a child, Mario compensated for his lack of physical stature with a talent for making friends. One weekend, he found himself watching an F1 race on TV with the head mechanic of a local garage. Mario was enamored with the drivers' skills and when he realized that many of them were as small as he was, he was hooked. He soon became the mechanic's assistant and found himself working on the car of Medici's prodigal race driver, Rico Rodriguez. They became fast friends, literally, but things went badly for Rico on the night that General Di Ravello seized power and Mario helped his friend escape Medici when the rest of his family perished.

Mario fights in the ranks of The Rebellion throughout the storyline and is the one who organized and set up the Rebel drop. He believes that this angers Di Ravello and makes Mario more of a target than before. According to one of the tapes of Di Ravello's audio diary, Di Ravello actually considers Mario to be "an ineffectual buffoon".

During Son of Medici, it is revealed that after the events of the game, he hopes to turn the rebel drop garages into an international company that sells "fine automobiles." He insists that Rico should be his business partner. The company would be called "Frigo and Etcetera" and the slogans would be "Our sales are revolutionary!" and "Our prices are pure insanity!" Rico responds that "We'll see."






  • The character was announced in an interview at Gamescon.
  • He looks like Roland Lesterlin. This is considered one of the Easter Eggs in Just Cause 3.
  • His weapon of choice is the U-96 Kladivo.
  • In an early screenshot, Mario wears a pinkish shirt instead of the blue, but this could just be because of the lighting from something near him.
  • He lives with his grandmother at Granmatre Frigo's house, whom Rico affectionately refers to as grandma.
  • Mario will not allow Rico to bring D.R.M. vehicles to his garages due to his fear of becoming a high-priority target.


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