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Massos is a province in Just Cause 3.
Massos viewed from map

Map of the area before Liberation.


Massos is the second smallest province in Insula Dracon. Unlike most of the other islands in the region, Massos does not have any fishing villages.


Massos is located in the region of Insula Dracon, south of Capite Est and east of Corda Dracon. It's approximate coordinates are N 40 42.80 E 5 37.00.

Settlements and points of interestEdit

This province has two Collectible Items, both Di Ravello tapes in Soliana and Cinta.


  • The "Doge mode" Easter egg can be found in the town of Soliana.
  • Guardia Massos V is possibly the largest military outpost in Medici.
  • At the South end of the bridge below Soliana, there is a guard tower and a lone Doppler Radar, destroying the radar will give you chaos points and it will stay destroyed until you leave the area. This is one of the few places in Medici where you can find chaos objects outside of a settlement.
  • Massos translates to "Farmhouse" in Catalan.
  • The strait connecting the northern island and southern island could be called "Stretto Di Ravello" due to the nearby air race called "Volo Stretto Di Ravello."

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