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The Medici Grand Prix is an F1 race mentioned in Just Cause 3.
Mugello Farina Duo (black, left front corner)

Rico looking at a Mugello Farina Duo.


The race is mentioned in the Rebel drop info for the Mugello Farina Duo F1 car: "Mugello's most recent foray into circuit racing brings us the Farina Duo, driven by Sergio Flores to eight victories this season including the Medici Grand Prix."

According to the Di Ravello tapes, Rico used to be a mediocre F1 driver until he won a race directly as the result of Di Ravello having arranged the sabotage of the lead car's brakes. Alessia also asks Rico if he used to be an F1 driver when he delivers the Mugello Farina Duo to Mario's garage. The random speech lines spoken by Civilians include a male and female pedestrian welcoming Rico home and telling him that they have his "old racecar" tattooed on their back.


City Sprint race map

The most likely location.

The location of the circuit is unknown.

One likely option is where the "City Sprint" land race at Citate Di Ravello takes place. It makes sense considering that it is a circuit track, allowing one to complete multiple laps around it and it does feature the Mugello Farina Duo.


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