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This article is about modifying the PC version of Just Cause 2.

Adding the compare addon to Notepad.

The relevance of merging filesEdit

Many mods require the changing of the same files, forcing one to choose between them.

Automatic file mergingEdit

As of the summer of 2014, there's a new mod that automates the bin file merging. This makes the task a lot faster and easier and eliminates minor errors that people occasionally make. One example of an automated file merging tool can be downloaded here (external link).

Guide to manual merging of bin filesEdit

First download gibbed's modding tools from this link and Notepad++ from this place.

Install notepad++ and then run it, choose "plugins" > "plugin manager" > "show plugin manager" on the menu bar the the top. Then look through the menu you are shown until you find a plugin called Compare (it should be near the top) tick the box next to it and press install.

Move all the gibbed programs to your dropzone folder. Then run Gibbed archive viewer and open pc0 and extract weapons.bin (or whatever file you are trying to merge) from the settings section. Now rename this weapons (original) and place it into your dropzone, along with all the other weapons.bin's you wish to merge.

(name them weapons.bin, weapons1.bin, weapons2.bin and so on)

Now run all these through the gibbed BinConvert (drag them onto it) then open all the resulting xml files in notepad++, and use the compare add-on to first show you the differences between the weapons.xml (with no numbers) and the weapons (original).xml. Now remember these/mark them down in the weapons.xml.

After that, find the differences between all the other weapons.xml's (1,2,3 ect) with the Weapons.xml, and place all of these differences (apart from the ones from the weapons (original).xml) into the weapons.xml. (Don't worry if this seems confusing, just use common sense and logic and you will be fine)

Now run the resulting weapons.xml (make sure to save) through gibbed xml2bin and place it into the dropzone. (you can now delete all the weapons.xml's, and all the weapons.bin's except for the main one without a number after it (the weapons.bin)
Now run just cause 2 and hopefully everything should work! (you can apply this process to combining mods in any other file as-well, you can also do this with the mvdoll/vdoll file types by treating them exactly the same as bin files.

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