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JC4 balloon factory lightning strike.png
Lightning strikes near the balloons.
Settlement in Solís
Type Research/military base
Province Phuyu-Kuni
Missions that take place here Meteolab Grab
Thunderbarge: Obtaining The Ion Coil
Thunderbarge: Ion Coil Delivery (briefly)

Meteolab is a military base and research facility in Just Cause 4.


It's spelled as "Meteolab" at the corner of the screen when Rico is at the location, but as "Meteo Lab" in the Just Cause 4 Demo pause menu.

It also known as the "balloon factory" in some pre-launch videos because one of the buildings is releasing yellow balloons into the air.


The in-game map description states "At this secretive facility, much of Solís' weather technology was conceived - from Tornado shelters to guided missile systems.

This base is mentioned by Sargento to be collecting weather data for Project Illapa.

The base has a mission, which involves you having to bring up lighting rods so the lightning doesn't hit Rico and to make the surrounding area safe. This location is also shown in the Just Cause 4 Demo.

This base has a system of Cable cars leading to it and some industrial exhaust vents are letting out inflated balloons. Assuming that those are each equipped with a radio beacon, they could be used to monitor the weather, at least for as long as their small batteries would last. Similar small buoyant beacons are in reality used to monitor ocean currents.

This base has a set a of giant doors that reveal a large empty room. The doors open upward and this is a hangar for the Surveillance Airship. The hangar is opened in the mission Meteolab Grab and an airship launches from there.

This base has the ability to generate a lightning storm. Unlike Zona Dos, the storm is turned off by default, both before and after Thunderbarge: Obtaining The Ion Coil. Like Zona Dos, the base has a usable console that activates the lightning storm. When this happens, lightning will start striking things at random and causing random chaos ad destruction.

There are several unique destructible towers with different antennas here.

Training: Dish Destruction ends not too far from here.


This base is located on a mountain in the rainforest in the province of Phuyu-Kuni.


  • 3 Wingsuit Stunts.
    • Pass through the rings under 5 seconds.
    • Pass through the rings under 8 seconds.
    • Pass through the rings under 12 seconds.
  • Car Stunt - Pass through the ring in a 2019 Vistosa Supercar.
  • Helicopter Stunt - Pass through the ring in a Emsavion Utility Heli.
  • Speed Stunt - Pass through the ring faster than 55 km/h.