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Military base outposts are small military outposts in Just Cause 2. Not to be confused with Roadblocks and checkpoints.
Kem Harimau Putih

Kem Harimau Putih has a relatively close outpost.


They're a collection of buildings and both sabotagable and non-sabotagable objects, that guard a road leading to a base. They always have one or two of either a wooden or concrete Guard Towers, or concrete look-out posts.

A good example of this is the one guarding the road to the Gunung Merah Radar Facility, it doesn't have a hangar though.

They are there to allow only authorized personnel into the base. The soldiers can check vehicles entering the base.

Sabotagable objectsEdit

The sabotage destructible objects that are usually found at outposts are:


There is sometimes a small hangar or two, big enough for two vehicles, these are sometimes occupied by either one or two of the following:

The same vehicles can still be found at smaller outposts that don't have hangars. Many small outposts that have a Maddox FVA 45, have it in a glitched spawn point where the car should have random items leening against it, but this usually causes the vehicle to blow up, or get heavily damaged when it spawns. See also: Just Cause 2 Vehicle glitches.


Anti-tank spikes, barricades and cones. These are totally useless, because none of the Military bases in Panau have enough of them. There would have to be 10 times more of them, not to leave gaps that are big enough for trucks. Driving a truck, or armored vehicle right into an obstacle will slow it down. Driving a small vehicle into one, will cause the vehicle to jump over it and/or flip over.

See also: Anti-tank obstacles (at wikipedia).

Known outpostsEdit

Incomplete list.

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