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This article is about military bases and military outposts in Just Cause 3.
JC3 parachuting near a radar base

Vigilator Sud.

URGA Bkolos 2100

An Urga Bkolos 2100 at a base.

For any other military bases, see: Military base (disambiguation).


Military bases are heavily fortified government owned facilities used by the Medici Military and The Rebellion after Rico liberates the bases.

Different bases may have different purposes, such as:

  • To store vehicles, weapons, ammunition, fuel and any other supplies.
  • To protect an important location, or item (such as an unusually important radar, or satellite dish).

All bases are heavily fortified by large fences, concrete walls and Guard Towers. Bases also rely on active defenses such as SAM launchers, heavy autocannons and many patrolling soldiers.

Military bases generally contain large amounts of various types of military hardware and Sabotage destructible objects.

All military vehicles at bases are instantly replaced with Rebellion versions upon base completion. Very few have exceptions


They're all marked as either bases, or outposts on the Map, but really there are about 10 types of military facilities.

Regional central commands:


Mines (marked as bases):


Off-shore rigs (marked as outposts):


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