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Kastelo Singa

Kastelo Singa, the largest military base in Panau.


All bases call for air support. Only on very rare occasions is the support not sent.

No matter what level of Heat, from 2 to 5, some bases will send a Sivirkin 15 Havoc attack helicopter. Otherwise, they'll send a H-62 Quapaw to drop paratroopers. Usually, both are sent.

A very small number of bases will only call for a Sivirkin 15 Havoc.

No matter how few (if any) chaos you'll cause, some base calls for air support after you complete it to some completion percentage, no matter how small. Sometimes collecting some amount of Collectable Items in Panau is reason enough for air support, but if you cause lots of chaos and get high heat, they'll of course call for support before then.

Some bases are close to roads, so they'll also get the usual patrol vehicles as support.

Common base typesEdit

Some bases are so similar that only the Resource Items and possibly a few random items, like shipping containers are located differently. There's several identical (or near identical) bases in the mountains and in the desert. An example of a pair are Kem Komander Sutherland and Pekan Ular Sawa.
Portugese Pete

One of the most common building types in bases.

Communications baseEdit

This type of base of base has two sub-variants:

  • Arctic comm. base.
  • Desert comm. base.

These bases are mostly common in the Berawan Besar Mountains, but at least 5 can also be found in the Lautan Lama Desert.

Basic EquipmentEdit


  • 1 Communications Mast. - Most, if not all of them.
  • 3 Radars - A grunt or elite carries a Submachine Gun on one of these radars. Same for another one except the submachine gun is replaced with a Rocket Launcher. One base is lacking of these radars.
  • At least one SAM site, located at the same spot. (Kem Gunung Raya has got 4) (Another one has two)
  • Minigun guard posts at one of the entrances.
  • Usually 3 Broadcast Towers.
  • Usually 3 Generators.
  • Usually a Communications Outpost.
  • Similar vehicle spawns.
  • Similar buildings.
  • Guard Towers made of concrete.
  • Usually two people with Assault Rifles, whether it be a grunt or elite. One at a elevated position on a building and another one in a guard post.


Forest/Desert campsEdit

A forest/desert camp is the most basic type of military base. They are usually lacking of SAM sites, and has mainly got dirt roads going inside the base. Most buildings are wooden, and only the usual hangars are not made of wood.

Basic equipmentEdit

Bio Fuel Shaft baseEdit

Bio Fuel Shaft bases are more varied and are only defined of that they have a Bio Fuel Shaft. The bases are usually heavily fortified.

Basic EquipmentEdit

Urban basesEdit

These are also varied and is defined of that they lacks of Tier 2-3 Communications Equipment and Bio Fuel Shafts, but is equipped with concrete bunker buildings, hangars and concrete Guard Towers.

Basic EquipmentEdit

  • Buildings made of concrete.

Bases by areaEdit

This list is incomplete. Many bases are missing.

East Tanah RayaEdit

East Tanah Raya has a total of 15 military bases.

Military Base Name Coordinates Type Medicine cabinets
Gunung Tasik Facility 19280, 12500 Chemical research facility Multiple
Kem Jalan Kilang Lama 19200, 14300 Communications base None
Kem Serigala Kelabu 19020, 15695 Communications base None
Pasir Hitam 18170, 18620 Small urban base Yes
Paya Dalam 20060, 18700 Special base None
Negeri Cabang 20750, 20730 Urban base None
Kuala Gandin 21805, 19780 Forest camp None
Kem Lubang Dalam 21595, 17355 Bio fuel shaft base Yes
Kem Gunung Belakang Patah 21980, 16065 Communications base None
PAN MILSAT 23490, 17420 Special base Multiple
Pulau Ombak Ribut 24570, 18635 Forest camp Yes
Negeri Tenggara 25600, 20465 Forest camp Yes
Gunung Pawang Tua 27335, 18470 Forest camp None
Kem Harimau Putih 27610, 17195 Urban base Multiple
Cape Carnival 30175, 14070 Special base, Rocket launch facility Multiple

Lautan Lama DesertEdit

Lautan Lama Desert has a total of 10 military bases.

Military Base Name Coordinates Type Medicine cabinets
Kem Sungai Floodgates 8330, 19590 Floodgates Yes
Gunung Hutan Merah 7880, 18545 Desert/Forest camp Multiple
Kem Komander Sutherland 7330, 19190 Communications base Yes
Pekan Ular Sawa 3720, 20125 Communications base Yes
Kem Sungai Cerah 6870, 21990 Bio-fuel shaft base Yes
Pekan Hujung 5320, 23790 Communications base Multiple
Kem Jalan Gurun 7470, 23860 Desert camp Yes
Kampung Lima Batu 5880, 24930 Bio-fuel shaft base Multiple
Kem Pekan Selamat 7110, 26030 Thermal power station Multiple
Gunung Merah Radar Facility 7320, 27820 Radar facility Yes

Panau Tengah BayEdit

Panau Tengah Bay has a total of 5 military bases.

Military Base Name Coordinates Type Medicine cabinets
Kem Sungai Sejuk 17140, 12340 Airport base None
Kem General Vikneshwaran 17675, 16820 Small urban base Multiple
Kem Kapitan Mohideen 17255, 21150 Forest camp None
Telok Ayer Batang 16885, 21530 Forest camp Multiple
Negeri Cengkih 13580, 22870 Special base Yes

Selatan ArchipelagoEdit

Selatan Archipelago has a total of 19 military bases.

Military Base Name Coordinates Type Medicine cabinets
Gunung Rata 17230, 28120 Forest camp Multiple
Pulau Ketam Besar 20220, 26645 Forest camp Multiple
Pulau Dongeng 22335, 26730 Special base Yes
Hutan Dalam 23130, 27035 Forest camp Yes
Negeri Gunung Berawn 24200, 24835 Forest camp Multiple
Gunung Condong 25760, 25695 Forest camp Yes
Hutan Besar 23945, 30040 Small outpost base None
Hutan Nenas 24160, 31175 Forest camp None
Kem Jalan Padang Luas 25580, 31280 Larger Bio-fuel shaft base Yes
Kem Jalan Padang Tembak 25855, 30095 Forest camp None
Kem Hang Johan 26330, 30610 Urban base None
Kem General Yahya 28360, 31300 Urban base None
Kem Harimau Bintang 28550, 30385 Bio-fuel shaft base Yes
Kem Lembah Hutan 27560, 29970 Urban base None
Wajah Ramah Fortress 30210, 20360 Special base Multiple
Fasility Gunung Hutan Tinggi 29250, 29125 Bio-fuel shaft base Yes
Fasility Gunung Timur 30580; 28800 Bio-fuel shaft base Yes
Kem Gereja Merah 30230, 27745 Forest camp None
Kem Komander Williamson 28775, 27940 Bio-fuel shaft base Yes

Berawan Besar MountainsEdit

The Berawan Besar Mountains have a total of 14 military bases.

Military Base Name Coordinates Type Medicine cabinets
Kem General Hong 12895, 6725 Bio-fuel shaft base Yes
Kampung Curah Dalam 13610, 7790 Combined Bio-fuel shaft and Fuel storage location Yes
Kem Gunung Dataran Tinggi 15566, 9680 Radar Facility Multiple
Lembah Genting Tinggi 15890, 7560 Bio-fuel shaft base Yes
Bukit Rendah 16490, 7385 Communications base None
Kem Kapitan Luk Ya Sian 16450, 10310 Communications base None
Bukit Bura 19065, 9005 Research facility/Fuel storage location Yes
Kastelo Singa 21110, 9480 Special base Multiple
Bukit Tinggi 19835, 10940 Communications base None
Kem Gunung Raya 21125, 11890 Communications base Yes
Bukit Ketot 24370, 10305 Communications base None
Kem Gunung Kudus 23630, 12720 Communications base None
Kampung Rencong Berkarat 20360, 13425 Communications base None
Kem Kucing Belang Hitam 20840, 13880 Small outpost base None

Ramai Rakyat IslandsEdit

Ramai Rakyat Islands have a total of 10 military bases.

Military Base Name Coordinates Type Medicine cabinets
Bukit Dengkang 11610, 10000 Forest camp Multiple
Kampung Batu Tiga 10520, 18870 Urban base Multiple
Kuala Jernih 9945, 20460 Desert camp Yes
Kem Jurang Gurun 10950, 21240 Urban base None
Kampung Kala Merah 11150, 22250 Communications base None
Pekan Keris Perak 10360, 22830 Bio-fuel shaft base Yes
Sungai Remaja 9765, 21620 Desert camp Yes
Sungai Curah 11505, 24065 Communications base None
Kem Kuala Rajang 8480, 21800 Urban river base None
Kem Rajang Floodgates 8410, 21060 Floodgates Yes

Senjakala IslandsEdit

Senjakala Islands have a total of 4 military bases.

Military Base Name Coordinates Type Medicine cabinets
Kem General Abidin 2170, 29850 Special base Multiple
Pulau Ombak Merah 13380, 30280 Forest camp Yes
Sungai Geneng 14120, 27780 Urban base Multiple
Pulau Tiga Gunung 14510, 26380 Forest camp Multiple

West Tanah RayaEdit

West Tanah Raya has a total of 4 military bases.

Military Base Name Coordinates Type Medicine cabinets
Negeri Gandin 10200, 4395 Forest camp Yes
Tanah Luas 8885, 7895 Forest camp Multiple
Kem Tentera Timur 11005, 8305 Urban base Multiple
Bukit Marmar Pecah 12045, 8465 Forest camp Multiple

Pelaut ArchipelagoEdit

Pelaut Archipelago has a total of 5 military bases.

Military Base Name Coordinates Type Medicine cabinets
Kem Singa Menerkam 19150, 6270 Communications base Yes
Tanjung Besar 25120, 7275 Forest camp None
Pulau Panau Kecil 27590, 8860 Urban base Yes
Bandar Lombong Besi 28920, 7850 Industrial facility None
Loji Bahan Bakar Fossil 25900, 6205 Thermal power station Yes

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