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Mobile Radar
Mobile radar station
Sabotage Destructible Object in Just Cause 2
Total amount 30
Armament needed Heavy arms fire or explosives.
Value in Chaos points 500
Value in money 2500
Approximate safe distance during destruction Less than 10 meters.

Mobile Radars are small radar stations in Just Cause 2. For other types of radars, see Radars.


They are made up of a trailer with a radar antenna on it and some minor equipment lying around. The radar trailer has a small and totally useless wall of sandbags around it. There are about 5 Panau Military soldiers randomly walking around. The soldiers have usually set up a few stop signs around the encampment, as if there would be any off-roading Panauan civilians around.

They and the Small Destructibles are the only types of Sabotage Destructible Objects that can be moved. For example, they can be lifted by a helicopter, as in the picture above, or be pushed, or dragged with a land vehicle.

There are 30 of them in Panau.


Shooting at the side edges of the box section makes the radar rotate. This can sometimes make it seem like some of them rotate a little on their own, when the military has shot at one.
Mobile Radar at Selatan Archipelago

Shooting at the middle of the base will cause some electrical sparks to fly and the stabilizing legs will break upward, causing the radar to fall on its wheels. At this point it's possible to grapple the base to a conveniently parked Fengding EC14FD2 and tow the radar away. Be sure to kill all soldiers in the area before trying this and drive slowly on even ground.

As long as it hasn't exploded, it'll spawn back at its original spot when you return later, so reloading a saved game, it's possible to try this several times.

It's also possible to lift the radar by helicopter.


They're bulletproof, so you'll need explosives or a vehicle with heavy weaponry. They don't have too many troops guarding them, so either dispatch the guards quickly, or move on to another site. Destroying the generator that may sometimes be next to it makes no difference on the radar's destruction at all. There's no collectible items there, so again an armed helicopter is the best choice. Each will give 500 Chaos points and $2500 when destroyed.


Just Cause 2 - Lifting a Mobile Radar 5

A mobile radar lifted with a helicopter.

Despite their size, they are quite bothersome to track down, as they have no specific bases or settlements they are located at. Most of them are at beaches and jungles, far from any civilization. So basically put, you either have to get lucky and spot them as you're passing by, or search high and low for them. There are 30 of them to be found. Most of them are very strategically placed to avoid detection by land, sea or air, hidden by dips in terrain, trees, cliffs etc. It isn't recommended to use land vehicles to scout them out as the terrain around them is very rough and bumpy with lots of trees. Instead flying low in a helicopter is the best way to scout them out, preferably a fully upgraded Rowlinson K22 as you can also destroy them once you have found them. Keep in mind that some are so well hidden that you might want to use the co-ordinates or an external map to find them. Tracking them down at night is recommended, as they are typically illuminated which provides a good contrast against the dark jungles or beaches they are located in.

Most are located on the beaches of the main island of East Tanah Raya and West Tanah Raya, near Black Boxes. The rest are found in Senjakala Islands and a few in Selatan Archipelago. One of those in West Tanah Raya is just inside the Ramai Rakyat Islands area of influence.

East Tanah RayaEdit

X Y Notes about the location.
24460 21050 On an island, south of Pekan Lengkong village.
25900 20900 South-east of Negeri Tenggara military base.
27370 20850 South of Desa Kuda Lari village.
28300 20600 On the coast north-west of Pelantar Gas Panau Timur oil rig. This one has a Fengding EC14FD2 parked at the site.
29200 20260 This one is at some ancient looking stone wall.
30500 18200 North of Bandar Serigala Kelabu village. This one has a Fengding EC14FD2 parked at the site.
31200 17890 On an island south-east of Tanah Raya Timur Epsilon Communications Outpost.
30800 16540 There are huts right next to it and a Pipeline just south-west of it. There is also a Fengding EC14FD2 at this site.
30730 15330 South of Cape Carnival, near a group of huts.
29400 13700 Inland northwest of Cape Carnival, near rocket silo.

Selatan ArchipelagoEdit

X Y Notes about the location.
16970 27010 South-west of Pekan Dusun Rambutan village. This one has a Fengding EC14FD2 parked at the site.
16600 28200 West of Gunung Rata base.
19300 28490 East of Kepulauan Selatan Delta Communications Outpost.

Senjakala IslandsEdit

X Y Notes about the location.
1700 28970 South-west of Kepulauan Senjakala Beta Communications Outpost.
2820 31900 On top of a hill on mainland, west of the Three Kings Hotel.
4550 31860 South of Kampung Sawah Basah village.
12800 31280 West of Kampung Kolam Gelap village.
14010 30860 North-east of Kampung Kolam Gelap village.
14500 28840 This one has a Fengding EC14FD2 parked at the site; south of Pekan Belalang.
14700 27400 South of Kepulauan Senjakala Alpha Communications Outpost.

West Tanah RayaEdit

X Y Notes about the location.
11400 10250 South of Bukit Dengkang military base. This one has a Fengding EC14FD2 parked at the site.
10150 10840 This one is on a small island. South of Kampung Jelantur village.
9225 9850 North of Kampung Teratai Putih village.
8100 8450 North-west of Kem Komodor Da Silva. This one has a Fengding EC14FD2 parked at the site.
8620 8240 Southwest of the Tanah Luas military base.
9030 6120 South-west of Teluk Permata airport.
10200 3960 South-West of Tanjung Intan village and north of Negeri Gandin base.
11290 3430 Found near an off-road Racetrack.
10770 2390 Western side of a small island, north of Tanjung Intan village.
12040 2550 Mainland, north-east of Tanjung Intan village and south of Pelantar Gas Panau Utara oil rig.


Just Cause 2 hijack a revolving mobile radar

Just Cause 2 hijack a revolving mobile radar

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