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Montana is a province in Just Cause 3.
Just cause 3 montana province


Because of a lack of civilian settlements and rough terrain, Montana lacks proper road infrastructure. The military bases are all in the south, and there is only one road that leads to the northern regions, which passes through Falco. Insula Striate's mountain range goes through this province and the tallest mountain in Medici is at the center of the province. The mountain is about 2.76 kilometers (1.71 miles) tall (from the base) and can be seen from just about any location of Medici. The eDEN Airship is at a similar height. There are no houses or settlements with civilians living in them.

It was occupied by the Medici Military some time around the burning of the North. It is a Bavarium rich region and holds Medici's largest mine within its borders.


It is in the central region of the eastern half of Insula Striate and occupies most of the space of said half.

Settlements and points of interestEdit


  • Montana is the name of a state in the United States.
  • The word "Montana" is similar to the Spanish word "montaña", which translates to "mountain" in English and thus reflects the mountainous region's features.

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