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Montano Cartel
Montano Cartel symbol.png
Their symbol and faction color, as seen on their vehicles.
Faction in Just Cause
Goal, or purpose To earn money as a drug cartel
Ideology None
Leader Unknown
Starting base, or HQ Unknown
Source of money Selling coca on an international market

The Montano Cartel are a drug cartel in Just Cause (1).


They're the only opposition and competition for the Rioja Cartel. Their faction color is purple. In-universe, they are obviously identical to the Riojas, but they're friends with Salvador Mendoza.

They have many villas / drug plantations scattered all over San Esperito, that can be taken over by the Riojas, with Rico's help. Once taken over, these villas often provide ground vehicles and always provide a helicopter. The Montano cartel will chase after Rico if Montano Heat is gained at any time. They are usually seen getting into gunfights with the Guerrillas and Rioja Cartel all over San Esperito.

Strangely, despite mission information, according to which they're on Mendoza's side, they can get into gunfights with local law enforcement and even the military. Sometimes, if you have heat and a military or police vehicle arrives they will suddenly ignore you and start shooting at them.


Patrol vehicles

Land Vehicles


  • Delta MAH-15 Chimaera - Patrols the air at Montano Heat level 5 when the player is in an aircraft, towards the end of the game. This may be very rare, unless it was a misidentification.
  • Huerta PA51 Aztek - Patrols the air at Montano heat levels 4-5, appears in some sidemissions and liberations. Replaced entirely towards the end of the game, as Delta 5H4 Boxheads replace them in liberations, and Delta MAH-15 Chimaeras replace them at higher heat levels.
  • Mullen H45 Dragonfly - Rarely appears at Montano Heat Level 5, when you're in or around a Cartel Villa.
  • Delta 5H4 Boxhead - In some sidemissions.

Nautical vehicles

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Land Vehicles

Vehicles exclusive to Storyline missions

Vehicles exclusive to Sidemissions


Nautical vehicles

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