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The Moon is a celestial body in the Just Cause Universe.
JC3 moon and eDEN Airship

JC3 moon and eDEN Airship.


It's a small planet-like object that orbits Earth. For more details on the real moon, see the wikipedia article. The rest of this article is for info from the games only.

In the games it is not really a sphere. It is only a disk, because it is only ever seen from one side. So far the precise look of the moon has been updated in every game.

It can be seen in the sky every night, unless obstructed by clouds.

The moon is programmed to always stay at the same infinite distance from Rico, so it will be the exact same size and distance (cover the same exact amount of the screen) regardless of whether it's viewed from the ground, or from the maximum altitude that aircraft can fly. However, zooming a weapon at the moon will make it appear closer/bigger.

In JC1Edit

Lighting works noticeably differently in Just Cause. Everything illuminated by the sun appears to glow, so depending on the exact time of the night, the moon can have a different tone. In addition to the different tone of the moon itself, the moon is surrounded by a glow that can appear wider, or narrower and either blue, or white.

The moon is always a full moon (a complete circle).

In JC2Edit

In Just Cause 2 the moon looks much clearer, but its bottom right edge is invisible.

There are a lot of modifications that replace the moon with different things (smileys, Death Star, ...), or just make it bigger with improved resolution.

In JC3Edit

In Just Cause 3 the moon is less visible and a bit out of focus (or maybe that depends on the game settings now?). This time it's the top right edge that's always invisible.

It's no longer known which exact video that was in, but prior to the release of JC3 a game developer was asked in a promotional interview if there would be "anything too crazy for the Just Cause game series". The developer laughed and said that "Rico [would] never go to the moon". This is believed to have been a reference to how James Bond went to space and used laser weapons in the 1979 movie "Moonraker", which is known to have been a very unusual setting for the James Bond franchise.

Using modifications to raise the "camera" to space, it has been discovered that the sun and the moon are always visible there and that it's always raining in space. For more about space in JC3 see the Medici Space Program.

In JC4Edit

In Just Cause 4 the moon has its right edge invisible. The moon now illuminates its surrounding clouds with reflected sunlight.

The mission Cut During The Chase features the Moon during its final cut-scene.

Originally Just Cause 4 seemed to be locked in an eternal day with only a few missions set at night. These include Operation Whiteout, Cut During The Chase, Operation Thunderbarge, Operation Illapa and possibly something else. The final Otorongos tomb mission also sets to a night and leaves the player at night time. Normally upon being loaded, the game is always set to a day and has super rare nights.

The game wasn't actually locked to a day. The problem is that the day/night cycle is very slow in JC4 so many players never got to see the night. The 2019 July 19 patch improves the day/night cycle by making nights longer and adding Avalanche Studios Deck Chairs where the player can force the game to pass time to get into a night.

Easter eggs:

There is a Moon in a mountain easter egg in JC4 that seems to depict the Solino Space Program possibly using wormhole technology to closely observe the Moon. It's possible to visit the Moon through this easter egg.

There is another small moon above the sea north of the nation. It's a duplicate of the moon in the mountain.

Both of them (being identical) have a flag of Solís in them.


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