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Moretti CCW Centurion
Moretti CCW Centurion
Weapon in Just Cause
Type Shotgun
Usage Two handed
Maximum ammunition carried 30
Maximum ammunition in the weapon 6
List of owners Montano Cartel
Black Hand
San Esperito Military
San Esperito Police Department

The Moretti CCW Centurion is a weapon in Just Cause (1),


It's an automatic shotgun. Much like the Moretti CCW Praetorian, except that it is more powerful, but with a smaller magazine size of 6. 30 additional shells can be carried with both. The two shotguns even look similar and because they're both "Moretti CCW"s, it's a fair assumption to make that the Praetorian is an similar version of the Centurion. They both look like assault rifles, but with smaller magazines.

Product of the Moretti company.



  • Part of its name "CCW" might stand for "Close Combat Weapon".
  • A glitch happens when parachuting that has Rico pump the shotgun, but a shot can still be fired when doing this. See also: Just Cause Bugs and glitches.
  • Centurion means "professional officer of the Roman Army" in Latin, or the modern-day equivalent of a 4-star general in the U.S. Army, as a comparison. Perhaps this could explain why either this weapon or this weapon's brother is used by Montano Cartel subtenientes?
  • This could be seen as a predecessor to the Shotgun in Just Cause 2, albeit with a completely different look.
  • It takes 23 point-blank shots from thus gun to destroy a GP Thunder Extreme Prototype, whereas the amoretti CCW Praetorian requires 57 shots, making it over double the power of its brother, at the cost of its smaller clip size.


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