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Mugello Quipozza G
Mugello Quippoza G (front angle)
Vehicle in Just Cause 4
Type Sports car
Rarity Average
List of owners Civilians
DLC gangs

The Mugello Quipozza G is a vehicle in Just Cause 4.


Having the appearance of a classic Lamborghini sports car, this vehicle features many 1970s design cues.

The Dare Devils DLC version is in faction colors and symbols and is weaponized, but is otherwise the same.


Acceleration is pretty quick compared to most cars but handling is quite floaty. Braking is average. This car is best at reasonable speeds.

The Tormenta Super has the same handling.

Versions and locationsEdit

Model name Owner and clor(s) Special features Weapons Locations
Mugello Quipozza G Civilians
Random colors.
None. None.
Tormenta Super Racing gangs from the Dare Devils of Destruction DLC.
Faction colors and symbols.
"Energy shield". There's also some equipment on the rear end. At "A" and "B" ranks: Wind cannon on the hood.
At "S" rank it gains "wheel spikes".
Tormenta Super Same as above. None. None.



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