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Mullen Skeeter Eagle
Mullen Skeeter Eagle
Vehicle in Just Cause 2
Type Civilian helicopter
Weapons None
Rarity Less common
List of owners Panau Military
Ular Boys
The following statistics are from the official strategy guide.
Top Speed 35
Acceleration 45
Armour 35
Handling 40

The Mullen Skeeter Eagle is a helicopter in Just Cause 2.


The Mullen Skeeter Eagle is essentially a Mullen Skeeter Hawk with jet engines on the side; it shares the same body and tail as the Hawk. It also shares its body with the UH-10 Chippewa.

It is made by the fictional Mullen Company.

It spawns in light green, red, orange, purple and greyish white, like many sports cars in the game.


The Eagle is slower than most helicopters, but handles just as well as others. It isn't very strong and won't take any impact.

Because the wings and the engines make the helicopter wider and heavier, this helicopter should not be used in narrow or tight spaces, such as between buildings, or under certain bridges, where its cousin, the Mullen Skeeter Hawk, with its lack of wings, fares better. Because of its mediocre durability, a single crash in these situations may destroy it or completely dent it.

This helicopter is actually slower than the Mullen Skeeter Hawk, even though it has jet engines. This could be an oversight by the game developers.



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