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Settlement in Medici
Type Town
Region Insula Striate
Province Libeccio
Coordinates N 40 44.945
E 5 35.350
Missions that take place here None

Nacre is a town in Just Cause 3.


It's a large town containing several houses with orange roofs. Near the east of the town is a helicopter landing pad with a Eubus Eagle. There is a large construction site at the western side of town, which the player must be wary of during liberation as a sniper spawns atop the roof. Several car parks mean it it easy to get transport to other locations.

A church is located in the center of town next to a Di Ravello statue and slightly west is a police station which contains many assets to destroy. This is one of the few towns to also have a Propaganda Van driving around.

In-game map description of Nacre says: "The history of Nacre is told by its idols. Venus was worshipped in the offshore ruins. But Venus was torn down by the Christians, who worshipped in the church they built at the center of town. But Di Ravello filled in the churchyard to erect a statue of his own image. Who would tear down the statue of Di Ravello?"

Ancient Medici was once occupied by Ancient Rome, but this is one of only two settlements where it's specifically known that the people worshiped something other than the bull statues. The other is Soliana, where the Romans worshiped Apollo.


Nacre is the southern-most town of Libeccio. Visibility from Nacre is limited due to its low elevation compared to the rest of Libeccio, but Vico Thunno and Vista Dracon are both seen from the beaches. The road coming from eastern Libeccio ends at Nacre.




{{Console unknown}} If you have the Mech Land Assault DLC installed, there is a chance a Bavarium Splitter Mech of the Black Hand can randomly spawn and attack the player if the town has been re-oppressed.


  • This town has an unusually large amount of tourists.
  • Vico Thunno can be seen when looking to the south.
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