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Nashorn 6100
Jc3 Nashorn 6100
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type Quarry truck
Weapons None
Rarity Common at the mines
List of owners Medici Military
The Rebellion
Black Hand (Mech Land Assault DLC only)
Top speed (km/h) 100
Top speed (mph) ~62

The Nashorn 6100 is a quarry truck in Just Cause 3.


The Nashorn 6100 is modeled on an "Ultra class" "haul truck", which is a specialized type of dump truck that operates in large quarries and mines. It has an unusual set of stairs that sticks out of its left side. Stairs are common on trucks of this type and size, but are never installed in such a configuration; they are accessible from the front on real models.

The Rebel drop description reads: "This behemoth of industry is used to remove debris in large-scale mining operations. Once it gets rolling, don't get in its way."


Slow, but very powerful and not suitable for off-roading.

The front end is heavier than the rear end, so the rear wheels often lose contact with the ground on uneven terrain, resulting in a loss of traction, because the vehicle has only rear wheel drive. This is especially catastrophic when driving up hill, as this can reverse a hill climb and even get the vehicle stuck on very uneven terrain, or around large rocks. It also has terribly slow steering, but that's expected for a vehicle with wheels of it's size.

Civilian cars from an opposite lane of traffic can explode instantly when hitting the front bumper, wheels, or the ladder. The truck takes no detectable damage from this.

It is impossible to control the dump bucket.


These are civilian industrial vehicles, so they never have Faction colors and symbols. They are considered to belong to which ever faction controls the settlement where they are parked.

Note that this vehicle cannot be airlifted and many gates between the northern and southern halves of Insula Striate do not have enough clearance for this vehicle.


  • "Nashorn" means "rhino" in German, indicating that this vehicle is made in Germany.
    • The only vehicle to share the name "Nashorn" in reality is the Sd.Kfz.164 Nashorn, a WW2 German tank destroyer.
  • It appears to be a hybrid of several models of mining dump truck, specifically models from Belorussian manufacturer BelAZ and Swiss manufacturer Liebherr. The configuration of the steps, as mentioned, is not used on dump trucks, and seems to have been referenced from a large mining shovel excavator: typically, the end of such a staircase would lift up to provide proper ground clearance when not in use.
  • Originally the Nashorn lacked a horn and the reverse warning signal. This was eventually fixed in one of the patches.
  • This is the largest controllable land vehicle in the Just Cause game series.
  • This is the second quarry/heavy terraforming vehicle in the Just Cause game series. The first is the Scando Track Loader Extreme.
  • This is the only vehicle in the game that can actually "win" an encounter with a Train. Other large trucks can ram a train head-on and derail it without being destroyed themselves, but only the Nashorn can do so and keep rolling forward at full speed with no loss of momentum.
  • The successor to this vehicle is the Armadillo 9M in Just Cause 4. It was first seen in multiple Just Cause 4 trailers and pre-launch gameplay videos. See Vehicles in Just Cause 4 for more info.


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