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Naval mines are a type of Unusable weapons in the Just Cause game series.

Naval mines were first encountered during the mission Sink the Buccaneer.

In JC4 they are also known as water mines in some places.

Common description

They're big round buoyant bombs that are used to create anti-ship minefields.

Naval mines may be either magnetically activated by passing ships, or they may have several large triggers on them that are activated by ships that unintentionally ram them. Real naval mines all rely on blind luck and large numbers. Minefields usually consisted of tens of thousands of mines that were at least 100 meters apart from each other. Despite having large gaps between them, they were an immense menace to ships, because it was impossible to locate them individually and a single mine could sink a large ship.

In modern times naval mines are obsolete, because modern navies use accurate sonar to locate them individually and destroy them using minehunters. Previously only minesweepers could be used.

See more about real naval mines at Wikipedia.

Just Cause

The San Esperito Navy uses very large naval mines around their destroyer during the mission Sink the Buccaneer. Like most real naval mines, these mines are anchored to the seabed. Swimming too close to them will instantly kill Rico in an explosion. Bigger boats, like the Pequod - Harpoon PC 350 can survive multiple explosions.

Note that putting a destroyer within a minefield is a really bad idea.

Just Cause 2

The Panau Military has set up a small minefield to protect Kem Sungai Floodgates. The minefield is destroyed during the mission River Runs Red.

These mines are each large enough to be able to demolish one set of floodgates. Strangely though, these mines are all floating and painted red, making them useless, because they can be easily spotted and destroyed from a safe distance.

Just Cause 3

The Medici Military have set up many minefields around Medici. Most military ports have a minefield around them and some minefields only appear in missions.

Naval mines are now relatively small, but they're bright red, making them very easy to avoid. They're also quite weak, because it takes two to three of them to destroy a civilian speedboat, like the Pescespada SS.

When they are shot at, sometimes there is no explosion or splash effect when the mine explodes.

Locations during free roam:

Locations during missions:

Just Cause 4

The Supply drop has "water mines" available. They are unlocked after capturing some region (needs specifying).

They float on the surface and are secured to the bottom of the sea by cables. NPC ships and boats are oblivious to them and randomly drive into them.

The shape is always the same: Barrels with rounded ends and many triggers all over.

Most of the mines are dark gray red ends. The ones in the mission Operation Thunderbarge are bright red and more visible. Agency ones in the Danger Rising DLC have black ends and the middle areas have red and white stripes as part of Agency faction colors and symbols.

At Puerto Málaga

Puerto Málaga has a minefield of at least 27 mines.

At Prospero Astillero

The Prospero Astillero shipyard/naval base has several small minefields at some of the many rivers and other strategic spots.

Mission Astillero Blackout

The mission Astillero Blackout (set at Prospero Astillero) features some additional ones that aren't there normally.

Mission Operation Thunderbarge

The mission Operation Thunderbarge has entirely bright red mines. It is likely that these are identical to the others, but just painted differently because the mission takes place at night.

In the mission Garland King's New Star

The mission Garland King's New Star has a minefield just right from where the Fishing Boat is mored, so watch out where you place the boosters on the boat. Running over even one of these mines will instantly destroy the ship and cause the mission to fail.

Danger Rising DLC