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Nova 9
Nova 9 and Gallini M39 "Husher"
Seen on the left. The weapon on the right is the Gallini M39 "Husher".
Weapon in Just Cause
Type Sub-machine gun with a silencer
Usage Single handed
Maximum ammunition carried 200
Maximum ammunition in the weapon 30
List of owners The Agency
Montano Cartel

The Nova 9 is a weapon in Just Cause (1).


It's a one handed, silenced sub-machine gun. It could be based on an Uzi, but it also has a resemblance to the Heckler & Koch MP7.


It has normal realistic performance of a real sub-machine gun, as the Nova 9 has rapid full-auto fire. Very useful for a close range shoot-out as the Nova 9 has extremely good accuracy and power.

The game has no stealth-mode and all enemies in range magically know where you are if you have Heat, so the silencer isn't really useful, but it's a cool novelty.

It can destroy a motorcycle with about one and a half magazines.



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