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Novola Central Detention Camp
Novola Central Detention Camp
The nearby Unnamed port at N 40 52.250 E 5 35.700 is visible in the distance.
Settlement in Medici
Type Detention Camp
Region Insula Lacrima
Province Novola
Coordinates Unknown
Missions that take place here None

Novola Central Detention Camp is a settlement in Just Cause 3 that only appears with the Mech Land Assault DLC.


In-game map description: "Novola Central is the oldest and largest Black Hand facility on the island, set up shortly after striking the deal with the eDEN Corporation. In 1992, after a disastrous test run with their new Fragmentation Device (lots of casualties, abysmal PR), the eDEN Corporation lost most private funding and were desperate for cash to continue their research. That's when the Black Hand started subletting part of Insula Lacrima for their own benefit, and in turn provided a small battalion to provide security on the eDEN Airship."

The road that comes here continues down hill to the nearby Unnamed port at N 40 52.250 E 5 35.700.


After destroying the above, you have to "Hold the Fort", meaning that the Black Hand will send reinforcements to recapture this place.


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