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This is a list of off-shore rigs in Just Cause 3.
Platteforma Costa Sud I (0% seen from north-east)

Platteforma Costa Sud I.

For other offshore rigs, see: offshore rigs (disambiguation).


They're all identical, or nearly identical, and used for extracting oil from underground reservoirs from under the sea. According to the in-game map, they are all counted as military outposts.

Buoyant rigs are common in deep waters in reality, however they are anchored to the ground to eliminate all movement that would be caused by waves and currents. Any movement would destroy the drills and pipelines.

All rigs have 2 Cranes.

These rigs are not to be confused with the eDEN Corporation and Black Hand rigs added in the Bavarium Sea Heist DLC. Most of the DLC rigs are in the Scolio area, but several unmarked smaller ones are south of Scolio. The Scolio article lists them all.




All rigs probably look the same, but some have different vehicles and some even have 2 SAMs and Flak Cannons. All of them have varied destructible placement.

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