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Oscar Espinosa
Oscar Espinosa (zoomed in)
Character in Just Cause 4
First appearance Operation Whiteout
Faction Espinosa Dynasty
Job Ruler of Solís (actual title unknown)
Last known status Dead

Oscar Espinosa is the main antagonist of Just Cause 4.

Personal infoEdit

As a sign of personality, he sounds a little arrogant and bored with the information provided by Gabriela during the opening sequence of the game.

As revealed by the Solís Hoy radio, his father was Leon Espinosa. Oscar has also written an autobiography called "I am the son of my father". Leon Espinosa died in a plane crash 20 years ago. Oscar is also a descendant of Diego Espinosa.

According to Diago from the radio show, Oscar is a fan of Diago, although he is unable to prove it upon being questioned about it by Santiago.

There's an acoustic guitar in his office when Gabriela is briefing him at the start of the game and seen again during the last mission. This suggests that Oscar plays the guitar as his hobby.

According to César (mission César's Theory), he is likely a reptilian alien disguised as a man, however it is strongly implied that Cesar is insane.


He is the ruler of Solís and leader of the Black Hand. His formal title is however never mentioned.

Oscar is the ruler of Solis and the Espinosa Dynasty has held power for about 500 years.

When his father died, Oscar took over all the companies and turned the Black Hand from "a bunch of local badasses" into what they are now. In fact, because he funded the Black Hand, he is their employer. Because Solís has no other police, or military, this puts him well above the law.

His father's plane was taken down by a storm, so officially, this is what motivated him to start Project Illapa, to end all storms. It's revealed during the course of the game that this was a lie. The origin story of the project and the circumstances of León Espinosa's death were actually more complicated.


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