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Otto Kleiner
Dr Otto Kleiner, view of the face
Character in Just Cause
First appearance Guadalicano Choo Choo
Job Rocket scientist
Last known status Dead

Dr. Otto Kleiner is a character in Just Cause (1).

Personal historyEdit

He was born in Germany, some time before World War 2.

He was blonde and had a monocle on his right eye.

He died on August 12, 2005, when Rico shot down his Whiptail Gyrocopter.


He was described by Tom Sheldon as "The boy-wonder of the Third Reich", at the age of 13, when he was working with Wernher von Braun, as a rocket scientist.

At some point he was hired by the government of San Esperito to build nuclear missiles.

The mission River of Blood is about making his work more difficult and the mission Guadalicano Choo Choo is about destroying his work and killing him. He's on a train when he is attacked by Rico. When the train is destroyed, he escapes in a unique Whiptail Gyrocopter and calls Rico an "ugly troll". He is promptly shot down and killed.

He is said to be a doctor, but it's never explained what kind of a doctor. Wikipedia disambiguation for doctor. He most likely has a doctorate academic or professional degree.

San Esperito's trains and railroads were dedicated to his aid and he may have been involved in the research facility on Mount Teleno and Mount Gabriel.


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