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Panau City
Seal of Panau City Panau City (panorama at day)
On the top is the seal of Panau City and on the bottom the city itself.
Settlement in Panau
Type The capital of Panau.
Geographical Territory Ramai Rakyat Islands
Influential Territory Ramai Rakyat Islands and West Tanah Raya


Coordinates X:3740; Y:15790
Missions that take place here A lot of different ones, see the section below.

Panau City is a city in Just Cause 2.

Special relevanceEdit

Panau City is the administrative and financial capital and by far the largest city of Panau. It is the only city in Panau of significant size and contains a very large proportion of Panau's population, estimated at around 250,000, with other estimates of 60,000-450,000.

According to his profile on the PDA database, Razak Razman was born here.


It consists of the Financial, Park, Docks, and Residential districts. The city is characterized by gleaming skyscrapers and huge bridges, a leftover from the previous capitalistic democracy before the nation fell into the grip of Baby Panay. There is a lot of infrastructure around the city as well, including a modern motorway system, which connects the city districts to each other and the rest of Panau. The streets of the City are not as busy as other major cities, possibly due to the oppressive military presence. The highest of the skyscrapers is Burj Panau.

Panau City looks similar to many other Asian cities as well as Los Angeles. Many condos fill the city along with huge towers. Every now and then you may find a helicopter on the roof of a building. The reason why is unknown. However, at ground level, the city is akin to Yangon or Mandalay, with neon shop signs and hundreds of vendors and farmer's markets.

Bering I-86DP near Panau City

Panau City, the capital of Panau, with its four districts. Clockwise, starting from the top: "Park District"; "Financial District"; "Residential District" and "Docks District".


Panau City was settled by colonists, who made it a thriving port. The oldest part has been destroyed, but it used to be in the harbor.


Panau City spans four islands, containing the four internal city districts of Financial, Residential, Park, and Docks. Two districts are in the Ramai Rakyat Islands influential area, while the other two, Park and Financial districts, are in the West Tanah Raya influential area. However, all of the districts are geographically in the Ramai Rakyat Islands.

Lautan Lama Desert, Panau Tengah Bay and the Berawan Besar Mountains all border the city, giving a spectacular view of a variety of biomes from the city's tall skyscrapers.

The most western island, Docks district, is larger than it appears on the map. The island extends further into every direction, other than at the docks.

The design of this city might have been inspired by Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Jakarta in Indonesia, Manila in the PhilippinesBangkok in Thailand, Yangon in Myanmar, and Singapore.

Financial DistrictEdit

Holds the most of the skyscrapers, like Burj Panau and Demam Tinggi Tower. Most skyscrapers here are standing on large basement buildings, where shops can be found. A water channel goes through the district. A lot of helicopters can be found on the rooftop helipads. The administrative center of the country, and somewhere there the Panauan government HQ can be found, but not known where. This is the hardest settlement in the game to complete, due to the many items, and the high skyscrapers hiding some of the Sabotage destructible objects. In the north part of the district, there's a medium-sized park. In the eastern part, there's a checkpoint with road access to the Ramai Rakyat highway. A common place to find collectibles is on box-shaped billboards on medium-height buildings. The 'Concrete Jungle' Benchmark also takes place here.

Park DistrictEdit

This area contains few skyscrapers, but a very large park, giving the district its name. The area houses many Drug Drops: 13 of them are located in the district. This is the settlement in Panau filled with the largest amount of Sabotage Destructible Objects in the same area; over 110 objects spawn here.

This area contains some glitches whereby icons do not always instantly appear. There is one water tower at (X:4580; Y:10985) which doesn't contribute to 100% completion but does count towards the total number of destructible items.

Docks DistrictEdit

The Pelabuhan Saudagar Harbor can be found on the east side of the island. It is the smallest district and only one tall skyscraper can be found there. It's recommended to complete "Free Trade" before trying to complete this district, as there are SAMs in the harbor, which become friendly after the mission. The district contains:

Residential DistrictEdit

Most citizens in the city live here. Some high skyscrapers can be found here, mainly in the west part of the district, such as the Tangga Ke Syurga Tower. The district is clustered with Drug Drops, so these will easily be found. There is a small airstrip with a Pell Silverbolt 6 and a lone Fuel Depot to the south-east of the district, at the end of a small dirt road. Be advised that destroying the depot will damage the plane, as it's spawned right next to it. There is a small channel going through the center of the district. In the eastern part, there is a checkpoint with road access to the Ramai Rakyat highway. There is also a mountain top restaurant toward the south end of the island, as well as a large harbor.

There is one water tower at (X:3315; Y:15140) which doesn't contribute to 100% completion but does count towards total destructible items. 

Faction influenceEdit

The city is split into two areas of faction influence: the south (Docks and Residential districts) is under the influence of the Roaches, while the north (Park and Financial districts) is under the influence of the Ular Boys.


The city's motorway system connects the four islands by a series of huge cable suspended bridges and elevated roads over the city's buildings and water. There is also a good network of roads in the city, giving cars easy access to every district. Panau International Airport lies just 2 km east of the city and the large port in the west of the city makes for excellent access for planes and boats also.

Sometimes on the motorways connecting the districts, the Panau Secret Service can spawn in a unique black MV Quartermaster.

See also: Panau Motorway/Highway System.


A lot of missions are found in the area.


Ular BoysEdit


  • Burj Panau
  • Demam Tinggi Tower Jump
  • Emergency Call
  • Twin Dive
  • Utara Bridge Insanity
  • Slingshot Galore
  • Bridge of Death
  • Financial District Frenzy
  • Tangga Ke Syurga BASE jump.
  • Barat Bridge Insanity
  • Backstage Pass
  • Panau City Speed Freak
  • Parks District Bugrun
  • South City Speeding
  • Ace's High
  • Harbormaster
  • Panau City Bridge Ballet
  • Panau City Parks Challenge
  • Panau City Slingalong

Items of interest in the areaEdit

Races and collectible itemsEdit

Main articles: Races and Collectable Items in Panau.

As listed in the above sections, there are plenty of both throughout the city.


Main article: Panau International Airport.

Panau City is home to Panau International Airport, which is no longer an international carrier due to the regime change. It is the largest and by far most modern commercial airport facility in the country. One can see airliners, light passenger jets and military helicopters on the tarmac, which is restricted by the military.


Main article: Bandar Selekeh.

A Racetrack can be found off the motorway, connecting the capital to the mainland. Racers in expensive sports cars can often be seen speeding around the track.

See also: Easter Eggs.

Hot air balloonEdit

The Hot air balloon is south-west of the airport, slightly to the north of the most southern motorway. Between the hills: X:7390; Y:16150.


 PC   If you fly near the bridge leading to the Financial District from the Residential District, there is a chance a Pandak "Baby" Panay Statue could spontaneously collapse.

 PC   While this is not so much a bug or a glitch, there is a major developmental oversight on a building design. This type of building has eight stories, with the top story being accessible to Rico. However, apparently it is also possible to enter the top four layers of this building, as the windows where both sections converge on each other are apparently transparent.


  • When going towards the city in a plane, you will see that most of the buildings are not loaded completely so they look different. But once you make it into the city, the buildings load completely. This is done to allow the game's large render distance without sacrificing performance.
  • The four districts of this city are divided between the Ular Boys and Roaches, with their separate sidemissions in their parts. However, Reapers vehicles are still seen in both areas, making a kind of allusion to the three factions' influence everywhere.
  • Due to the large number of Sabotage Destructible Objects and Resource Items in these Districts, a single target, such as a Gas Pump, is worth less than 1%. This causes the completion to be rounded up to 100%, without a check mark.
  • A player may fully complete (with a check mark) the Financial District without destroying every chaos object or collecting every resource item. It has been seen that 3 objects (for example, two water towers and one resource item) can be left undestroyed/uncollected and the player will still receive full 100% completion. It is unknown whether it is specific objects/items that are simply not included in the 100% count, or any three objects/items will do.
  • The bridges that connect the various districts of the city are almost a copy of Vasco da Gama bridge in Lisbon.
  • The predecessor to this city is Esperito City in Just Cause (1) and the successors to this city are Citate Di Ravello in Just Cause 3 and Nueva Voz in Just Cause 4.
    • Esperito City is divided into a North and South portion, as opposed to this city's four districts. Also, Citate Di Ravello is one big city compared to this city's four districts.
  • The iron jungle benchmark is here.
  • Panau City is depicted in the game's cover art.


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