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This article is about a river and a waterfall in Just Cause 2.

Skydiving above the waterfall, at Panau Falls Casino.

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This is the only real river in Panau, with flowing water. It's about 500 m long and comes out of the ground at the Panau Falls Casino. The river then falls 433 meters and continues about 100 meters, until it goes under a bridge and then out into the Panau Falls Lagoon. This is the only waterfall in Panau.

It starts as an underground river (link to wikipedia) in the Berawan Besar Mountains, probably supplied by melting snow which in turn changes into water.

The waterfall is as said about 433 meters high. Rico can't swim in the water, as it is not programmed so. The water will lock the controls and you will be injured when you hit the rocks. You could even die. Although you can do vehicle stunts there and investigate new ways to have fun. There's an "island" in the middle of the waterfall, dividing the current into two. You can get there, but it is quite dangerous. Aside from being dangerous, the place is surrounded by clouds of water vapour.

Average flow rate, due to the depth, width and flow speed of the river seems to be between 15-50 m3/s due to most objects being sent at fast speeds down the waterfall.

There is a Race called "The Cleavage" that starts at the casino and has the player skydive close to the waterfall and eventually over the river part and under the bridge.


Before the time of Pandak "Baby" Panay, the area around the upper waterfall was a pretty isolated place, with a dense rainforest. When the new leader got in charge, he built the new gambling etablishment Panau Falls Casino on top of the waterfall and built a new road there. This was to attract foreign tourists to Panau. Later he attempted to shut down the Casino due to unpaid debts, but it failed.



It's possible to use the falls for various extreme sports and fun, but one should be careful, as falling injures Rico. Also, the falling water is not programmed as water, so Rico can't swim in it.

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