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Pandak "Baby" Panay Statue
Baby Panay Statue.jpg
Here at Pekan Sempit.
Sabotage Destructible Object in Just Cause 2
Total amount 90
Armament needed Heavy arms fire; explosives; ramming/pulling with a vehicle.
Value in Chaos points 1000
Value in money 5000
Approximate safe distance during destruction Just don't stay in front of them.

The Statues of Pandak "Baby" Panay are political monuments in Just Cause 2.


The statues are all about 10 m tall and made out of dark grey concrete. The statues are identical and depict Pandak "Baby" Panay making a gesture of friendly greeting with his right hand.


Destroying one will award the player with 1,000 Chaos points and $5,000. They also contribute to the completion of the settlement in which they are located. They are usually guarded by one Elite and/or three regular Panau soldiers, but don't let that stop you from obliterating it. Sometimes in the park district of Panau City, no soldiers will be guarding them at all.

Only the legs and a small part of the staff stay up after destruction. These are at the Unnamed Panau City Skyscraper at X:6226; Y:13056.

While the statue is technically 3 pieces (Legs, Torso and Head), if any one is destroyed the entire statue will be demolished. This works for Cranes as well.

Unusually for concrete structures of this size, they have no reinforcing metal structures inside, which makes them relatively easy to topple. To bring one down, one could employ various means, but don't bother with gunfire as it is immune to any weapon weaker than a Minigun, or a mounted gun. Any type of explosive will do the job. What makes this unique, however, is its ability to be pulled down using the grappling hook, attaching it to a vehicle and then flooring it, similar to how statues of Saddam Hussein were destroyed by invading Americans and angry Iraqis. Depending on what part you grappled to, your vehicle will either be dragging the torso, arms, or head, but most ground vehicles can only take it down by attaching the hook to the head. It can also be destroyed by knocking something into it with enough force. Crashing an aircraft could do the trick but you have to keep the aircraft level before you jump out to prevent it from turning away and missing the statue.

As with any of Panay's indulgences, destroying it causes Heat. Rico will also make a quip once the statue is destroyed, poking fun at Baby Panay: "Bye-bye, Baby", "Talk about a 'Baby Boomer' " or "Ouch, that's gotta hurt the big man's ego.".


There are 90 of them distributed all over Panau, with a few more which only appear during missions.

Panau City

  • 8 in the Financial District.
  • 5 in the Docks District.
  • 13 in the Park District.
  • 9 in the Residental District.

Settlements outside Panau City

Around the Tanah Raya Highway

The Tanah Raya Highway has 17 statues in regular play and 2 statues found only in missions.

West Tanah Raya

Pelaut Archipelago

East Tanah Raya

Panau Tengah Bay

  • North of Bandar Baru Cina, on the eastern side of the highway. X:17260; Y:17440.

Other Locations

Mission-Specific Statues


  • If a clumsy AI driver/pilot crashes a vehicle into a statue with enough force, it will be destroyed. However, you will still gain heat, as long as you are close to the area that the statue is in. This may even rarely happen without the player's sight.
  • The statues are very similar to a statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad. That statue was pulled down by an American armored recovery vehicle on live television during the war in 2003. That was a relatively famous event and the statues might be an Easter Egg.
    • Differences from Saddams statue: (1) The head (obviously); (2) Saddam's statue didn't have a cane; (3) The platform holding Saddam's statue was about as high as the statue; (4) Saddam's statue was made of dark metal.
  • In the beta version of the game, the statue was somewhat possibly made of copper or bronze. This can be seen during a loading screen, where Rico pulls down a gray statue that remains intact while falling. The texture was changed to stone during development.


There's a few statue destruction glitches. For details see: Just Cause 2 Bugs and glitches.

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