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Paradiso Bay
Paradiso Bay 1.png
The entire town from the south-east.
Settlement in San Esperito
Type Town
Province Provincia de Rio Negro
Missions that take place here Good Cop, Bad Cop
Freakwave race
We have ways of making you talk (collect mission)

Paradiso Bay is a settlement in Just Cause (1).


It's the largest and most prestigious town in San Esperito.

The town has 12 generic town blocks and a richer neighbourhood of private houses on the north-east and north-west outskirts. Oddly, the 3 southern town blocks are isolated from the rest of the town. It is possible to drive there, but that means having to make a large circle through the countryside and across a high bridge. This shows the social divide between rich and poor in San Esperito. The bay allows for another type of entrance to the settlement by the use of boats, a luxury that many other settlements don't have.

The town is perhaps best known for being the location for the mission Good Cop, Bad Cop and of course being the biggest settlement of its type in San Esperito.


It's the largest settlement in the north-east quarter of the map and can easily be spotted on the PDA map. The town is located on the hillsides and beaches around a lake. A river connects the lake to other rivers and the ocean.

This town is well visible from the nearby hills on the north-western side. Also one of the hills there allows for a quick entrance into the town by driving off the hill at speed and landing near enough to the roads.

On a map, it looks as if it might be possible to use a speedboat to jump the land on the eastern side, to and from the ocean, but no boat can make it past about half way.




(HD) Paradiso Bay - Just Cause 1