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Paradiso Melledino
Paradiso Melledino
Seen from a Whiptail Gyrocopter.
Settlement in San Esperito
Type Town
Province Provincia Caballeros
Missions that take place here Sidemissions

Paradiso Melledino is a town in Just Cause (1).


The town is of average size with the usual five blocks. The beach seems to be a large fishing community, but fish is also sold at the piers in usual market stalls. To the north-west of the town are several Wind Turbines in the ocean. An offshore rig can also be vaguely seen in the ocean to the east. To the south of the settlement is an airport.

According to Maria Kane in the mission Some Enchanted Evening, the unmarked shanty town on the beach here is some kind of a resort.

It shares the same first word with another town: Paradiso Bay.


On the eastern coast of Provincia Caballeros. Esperito City is across the sea to the east.