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Pavouk U-15
Jc3 Pavouk U-15 rebel
The Rebel variant
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type Off-road motorcycle
Weapons None
Rarity Somewhat common
List of owners Medici Military
The Rebellion
Black Hand.
Top speed (km/h) 152 (172 with Nitrous)
Top speed (mph) 94 (106 with Nitrous)

The Pavouk U-15 is a motorcycle in Just Cause 3.


It's a modern offroad motorcycle. This dirtbike is intended for patrol and reconnaissance missions in both the Medici Military and The Rebellion. The military one has two some kind of containers on the sides.

It resembles a modified Honda CRF250R, like the one used at the start of Skyfall.

It also resembles the Suzuki DR650 in the front and the Kawasaki KLR650 in the back.

The Rebel drop description says "When the road gets rocky, rely on the Pavouk U-15. This expertly-crafted cycle aces even the hairiest of offroad missions."


Its abilities stand out more when it's off road. However, on road it is very agile and generally handles well.


Medici MilitaryEdit

The RebellionEdit

Black HandEdit

This variant only exists in the Mech Land Assault expansion pack.


  • "Pavouk" means "spider" in Czech.
  • By purpose, this motorcycle is a successor to the Apache Army Model 842 from JC1 and the Hamaya GSY650 from JC2.
  • In the game files, this vehicle is named "v3600_bike_urga_combatdirt_blackhand_01", indicating Urga made this bike.


The RebellionEdit

Medici MilitaryEdit

Black HandEdit

This variant is impossible to find in the base game, and is only added in the Mech Land Assault expansion pack.


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