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Paya Keras
Paya Keras
Settlement in Panau
Type Village, Ancient Town
Territory Berawan Besar Mountains
Coordinates X:18530; Y:7046
Missions that take place here None

Paya Keras is a village in Just Cause 2.


The village is like most villages in the Berawan Besar Mountains, with a bunch of ancient stone buildings scattered around the village.

This is a good place to pillage if you are in need of quick cash. All the resource items here are cash stashes.

The name of the village means "Swamp Drive" in Malay, which makes little sense considering its snowy location and mountainous jungle surroundings.


The village is located just above the snow line, in the mountains on an island in the Sungai Sejuk River. From here a restricted road goes up to Kem Singa Menerkam.




Just Cause 2 - Paya Keras - civilian village

Just Cause 2 - Paya Keras - civilian village

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