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Peek Airhawk 225
Peek Airhawk 225
Vehicle in Just Cause 2
Type Stunt monoplane
Weapons None
Rarity Common flying and spawns
for Races, but few regular spawn points.
List of owners Civilians
Panau Military
Ular Boys
Top speed (km/h) 245.89
Top speed (mph) 152.79
The following statistics are from the official strategy guide.
Top Speed 65
Acceleration 60
Armour 25
Handling 80

The Peek Airhawk 225 is an airplane in Just Cause 2.


It's a standard light, civilian, low-winged monoplane, based on the Extra EA-300, Zlín Z 42, and Ultimate 10 Dash, only with the lower wing. The Airhawk is the only plane in the Just Cause 2 Demo. The name 225 might be a reference to the Antonov An-225 Mriya; the largest airplane in the world.

It's always in a two-color combination with one color being white. It can spawn in dark red, dark blue, dark green and yellow. The Ular Boys yellow one is only provided at Teluk Permata


The Airhawk's greatest asset is its short take-off distance. Otherwise, handling/maneuverability is good, but speed and acceleration, especially in comparison to the jets, is low. If you're a skilled pilot then you can get the Airhawk airborne using little more than a bump. This is particularly useful if you have landed on a short beach/area. All airports in Panau have a long enough runway for the Airhawk to take off comfortably, but it usually lifts off roughly before the runway's halfway point.

It is able to land on beaches without exploding (at minimum speed possible, but expect a rough landing).

Interestingly, the plane can land properly on the water without exploding, but Rico will be launched out of the vehicle in the same way as if he crashed a car into the sea. Despite its low top speed, it is a fun vehicle, easy to fly and recommended for novice pilots, because it makes for an easy introduction to flying vehicles in the game.

This is the slowest airplane in Just Cause 2, with a maximum speed of 152.79 MPH. Click to see how it was tested.



  • The Peek Airhawk 225, like the Pell Silverbolt 6, has a back seat that is never used in the game. It is unusable to Rico and the AI and only functions in the Just Cause 2 Multiplayer mod. See also: Vehicle seating.
  • In the "Crazy Civilian AI" mod, this plane is seen frequently crashing into the ground. It is an easy source to get a plane, as the plane will only explode if it lands on a car or other explosive material.
  • "1_dylan's Super Strong Weaponised Peek Airhawk" mod gives the plane 2 rocket pods; 2 Miniguns and an extreme amount of health.
  • It is the only plane in the Just Cause 2 Demo.
  • The Peek Airhawk's cockpit is much more advanced then a normal light sport aircraft would be and resembles that more of a jet fighter, but this might be because it uses the same interior as the Pell Silverbolt 6.
  • Just taxiing, taking off and landing on rough terrain is enough to damage the fragile Peek Airhawk (at least cosmetically). This is probably due to the Airhawk's wheel pants striking the rocks and other obstacles as it is moving.
  • Strangely when flying at low speeds, the Airhawk doesn't explode upon colliding with objects, unlike the other aircraft. This may be because all aircraft are immune to exploding until the wheels are retracted into the plane, (presumably to make takeoffs and landings easier), and since the Airhawk's wheels are fixed, it may retain this immunity for the duration of its flight.
  • Just Cause 3 has a seaplane version of this, called the Stria Ghibli 3.



Just Cause 2 Low flyer achievement The easy way

Just Cause 2 Low flyer achievement The easy way

Stunt flyer Achievement: The easy way

Just Cause 2 - Peer Airhawk

Just Cause 2 - Peer Airhawk

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