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Pekan Badak Bermandi
Pekan Badak Bermandi
As seen from a Peek Airhawk 225.
Settlement in Panau
Type Large village
Territory Panau Tengah Bay
Coordinates X:18210; Y:21540
Missions that take place here None

Pekan Badak Bermandi is a large village in Just Cause 2.


The village is famous for having the large concrete pier that holds the "I Am Legend" allusion (Easter Egg). The name translates to "Sumatran town Bathed" in Malay.
I am legend

The 'I Am Legend' allusion.

The houses seem to be of a higher standard than those of most other villages. They are mostly made of grey stone or wood and have red roofs. There's a fish shop in the village. The settlement goes all the way down to the water, in a little lummy environment.

There's a crossroad in the middle of the settlement. The main road crosses a bridge on the eastern side of the settlement and leads to Kampung Papan Tanda, another large village, on the "mainland" (Tanah Raya). This bridge is very important, because it's the only road link between the Tanah Raya districts, Ramai Rakyat Islands and the other districts in the south.




Just Cause 2 - Pekan Badak Bermandi - civilian village

Just Cause 2 - Pekan Badak Bermandi - civilian village


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