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Pekan Tanjung
Pekan Tanjung
As seen from Tasik Kasuari.
Settlement in Panau
Type Marketplace
Territory Panau Tengah Bay
Coordinates X:17790; Y:23130
Missions that take place here None

Pekan Tanjung is a village in Just Cause 2.


The name means "Cape Town" in Malaysian. The settlement is very small and consists only of a Market pavilion, a restaurant and a small temple. No living quarters are present, thus this village could only serve as a marketplace, most likely for the factory, Tasik Kasuari, less than 200m to the east.


The village is located on a small peninsula, under a 200 meters from Tasik Kasuari. To the south-east, across the bridge is Kampung Kepulauan Selatan; to the south, also across a bridge, is Pekan Kuala Kering.

There's a Stunt ramp at Tasik Kasuari, made of street signs. The ramp is aimed at the Pekan Tanjung temple.



There are no vehicles in the marketplace, but a public road passes nearby in the north.


Just Cause 2 - Pekan Tanjung - civilian village

Just Cause 2 - Pekan Tanjung - civilian village


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