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Pemainan Racun
Pemainan Racun
Burning Gas Holders.
Settlement in Panau
Type Chemical processing factory and faction Stronghold.
Territory Panau Tengah Bay
Coordinates X:12990; Y:25200.
Missions that take place here Chemical Compound

The Pemainan Racun facility is a chemical processing factory and a faction Stronghold in Just Cause 2.


The facility is used by the government to create chemical weaponry. It's located in the middle of the Rajang river delta. In the mission "Chemical Compound", Bolo Santosi uses Rico to aid in a takeover of the stronghold. She says that the facility is dumping chemicals into the Rajang river. She wants the facility to be a Reaper's Stronghold, so that they can use the chemical weapons for their own agenda (and, it is implied, for her own personal amusement).
Just Cause 2- settlement completion- Pemainan Racun Facility 016

Seen from the east.

Lots of destructible objects can be found there. The chimneys located there may not be destructible, but 5 destroyable Gas Holders can be found.

The 5 Gas Holders here make this location the second-most Gas Holder facility in Panau, just behind Pulau Kait with 6.

The entrance area is quite massive, with a lot of factory buildings and six indestructible chimneys. Also a ton of Fuel Depots, Red Barrels, and Gas Holders are found here. The inner area is not restricted and looks like a usual military base.

Helicopters flying near the West side of the facility may also be targeted by SAM launchers at the nearby Sungai Jernih Air Force Base.

"Permainan Racun" (note the extra R) is Malay for "Venom Games".


  • 5 Gas Holders.
  • 19 Fuel Depots. Note that 3 of them are hidden under small roofs, so they may not be visible from the air.
  • 3 SAMs, which don't count towards the completion of this stronghold and will shoot at government aircraft (after you've taken this place over), but do count towards the total amount of SAMs destroyed.
  • 6 Collectable Items:
    • 2 Weapon Parts.
    • 2 Vehicle Parts.
    • 1 Armor Part.
    • 1 Cash Stash.
  • Note: This stronghold has more destructible objects than usual and some of these may be hard to find. Look carefully for these.


  • Zhejiang 6903. This one is quite hard to get out of it's parking spot, due to the slow speed of the barge.
  • 3 MV Quartermasters - At the gate, before the location is taken over. One also spawns at the end of the mission that takes place here.
  • MV V880 - During the takeover, at the end of the mission.
  • 2 Marten Storm IIIs - At the gate, after the location is taken over.
  • UH-10 Chippewa - Technically not at the location; the stronghold commander arrives in it at the end of the takeover.


Just Cause 2- settlement completion- Pemainan Racun Facility

Just Cause 2- settlement completion- Pemainan Racun Facility


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