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Petra is a province in Just Cause 3.
Stria Ghibli 3 at Petra

Most of Petra is visible here. The plane is a Stria Ghibli 3.


Petra is a group of islands in the Insula Dracon region. It is hilly and with many caves and natural tunnels. It bolsters a relatively large Medici Military presence, with its two military bases in the south and north of the main island.


South-western Medici, in the Insula Dracon region. This province borders Massos to the south.

Settlements and points of interestEdit


  • There are many things named "Petra" in reality.
    • The location may have been named after the JC3 Community Manager in 2015, Petra Opelova.
    • "Petra" means "rock" in Latin.
    • Petra is a town and municipality on the Mediterranean island of Majorca, in the Spanish autonomous community of the Balearic Islands.
    • Petra is an ancient city in Jordan.
  • Petra is the feminine equivalent to the male name, "Peter".

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