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Plagia is a province in Just Cause 3.

View of Plagia.


Plagia is similar to other provinces found within Insula Fonte. It has a very rural landscape dominated by fields of lavender, wheat and sunflower, with a small cluster of forest. A number of small farms and vineyards scatter the countryside. It has a long stretch of coast which features tall cliffs, sandy beaches, and ancient Greek ruins which are partly submerged in the sea.

Plagia's largest civilian settlement is Surpicco, a small cliffside town popular with tourists. Situated nearby is Vigilator Nord, a towering military complex which can be seen for miles around. Two other smaller military outposts exist within this province; Guardia Plagia I, which scrambles helicopters on regular air patrols; and Guardia Plagia II, a communications base and airfield.
Ancient ruins in northern Plagia

Ancient Medici ruins on the northern coast.


The northernmost and north-easternmost province in the Insula Fonte region. Feno lies to the west and Aspera resides to the south.

Settlements and points of interestEdit

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