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Settlement in Medici
Type Town
Region Insula Dracon
Province Trio
Coordinates N 40 41.985
E 5 35.025
Missions that take place here An Act of Piracy passes through here

Ponere is a town in Just Cause 3.


It is said in the in-game description that "Ponere was built upon the foundation of a defensive stronghold dating back to the Punic Wars, myths persist of haunted figures still patrolling the war-scarred battlements. Adventurous visitors may find relics of a forgotten era hidden within its walls."

According to the info for the neighbouring town of Vico Gamba: "Every summer, the neighboring cliff town of Ponere holds a feast that concludes with the townspeople shelling Vico Gamba with fireworks. The General is a noted fan of the event."


Around the center of Trio province.



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