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Port Kepulauan Pelaut
Port Kepulauan Pelaut
Seen from a Rowlinson K22.
Settlement in Panau
Type Military port.
Territory Pelaut Archipelago
Coordinates X:26150; Y:4750.
Missions that take place here None

Port Kepulauan Pelaut is a port in Just Cause 2.


The name means "Port Mariners Islands" in Malaysian.

The port appears pretty small, but is actually of medium size, compared to other Ports in Panau. A lot of civilians can be seen working here. There's a big cargo ship moored at the dock, with around 15 Gas Tanks on it. As indicated by several Oil Cisterns, this is one of Panau's oil harbors. It is likely of a secondary priority. See also: Panauan Oil.

The western part of the port consists of two industrial buildings, a large closed warehouse, several container stacks, a large concrete tower probably under construction and one of the crane. The eastern part consists of one big and two small oil cisterns, a pipeline, container stacks and also the other crane. The port is located next to a public road.

The Panau Military have set up two miniguns at the entrance; two one-barrel Flak Cannons at the docks and several Guard Towers. The port has two Assault Rifle boxes.

This place has the least number of Gas Holders, with only 1.




Just Cause 2- settlement completion- Port Kepulauan Pelaut

Just Cause 2- settlement completion- Port Kepulauan Pelaut


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