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Port Rodrigo
Port Rodrigo Main
The main section.
Settlement in Panau
Type Vacation resort
Territory Panau Tengah Bay
Coordinates X:15400; Y:22460
Missions that take place here None, but there's a Race located far to the south that is called "Port Rodrigo Return Ticket"

Port Rodrigo is a tourist resort in Just Cause 2.


Although the name would lead one to believe it's a military port, it isn't. Port Rodrigo is one of the many tourist resorts around Panau. There are many beach chairs set up by the water. High-end resort bungalows and a tiki bar have been built here. The resort appears to be in two separate sections, but the section to the south is not in the boundaries of the settlement.

Oddly, the people here talk and act like residents of a regularly oppressed settlement.

Port Rodrigo Second

The rest of Port Rodrigo.


Port Rodrigo is along the coast, just like many of the other resorts. To the south is a tiki bar and what appears to be the rest of the resort (although it isn't in the settlement boundaries). Tasik Jernih is located less than a km north-east from the settlement.


There's a Skull just to the south-west on a little peninsula, on the way to the tiki bar.


  • Random civilian vehicles.
  • Military vehicles, like the Hamaya GSY650 and the 3 Wilforce variants can also drive by.


  • As with all the villages with a tiki bar in the rotunda, one of the drinks on the shelf in the center is off the side of the shelves. It is floating in the air (possible glitch or map design error).


Port Rodrigo - Settlement Completion

Port Rodrigo - Settlement Completion

Settlment completion+Skull collect.

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