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The Community Portal is a separate main page to sort all pages relevant to the community of Just Cause Wiki users. This page is not intended to restrict the community, but rather to help new users by containing convenient links and a basic guide to our various community pages.

How to help out

If you want to create a new article, or make bigger changes, it's strongly advised to read or at least skim through the Manual of Style. This will give you a basic idea of what good and standardized articles are like. Don't worry about getting things wrong, other users and admins will always end up making further improvements.

Other portals

Talk pages

If you want to discuss anything specific to an article, you can use the "talk page" for that article. Every article has its own talk page, even file pages. A link to the "talk page" can always be found at the top of an article.


The forum is the best place to ask any questions, or to just discuss anything on and off topic.

Forum threads are automatically closed when they reach 500 posts. This is a limit set by wikia and we can not change it. Feel free to start a new thread when that happens.


Blogs functionally very similar to the Forums, so we encourage people to use forums instead. Existing blogs are listed at Category:Blog posts.


Main article: Just Cause Wiki:Administrators.