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Porto Coclea
Porto Coclea (view from the northern corner)
View from the northern corner.
Settlement in Medici
Type Military port and prison
Region Insula Striate
Province Val de Mar
Coordinates N 40 47.102 E 5 40.345
Missions that take place here None

Porto Coclea is a military port in Just Cause 3.


The base is located at the inland end of the large gulf at north-west Insula Striate.

In-game description: "The sequestered harbor of Porto Coclea is home to a large prison complex. Smugglers who fail to elude capture on their way to or from Spain, France, or Monaco, spend time here before either bargaining their freedom or being transferred to one of Insula Striate's monstrous Bavarium mines."



The Rebellion sends a Rebel Corvette as support during the base takeover.




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