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Porto Le Gratia
Porto Le Gratia 2
Settlement in Medici
Type Military base
Region Insula Fonte
Province Lavanda
Coordinates N 40 41.330
E 5 42.260
Missions that take place here None

Porto Le Gratia is a military port in Just Cause 3.


It's a large military base with lots of destructible items. There is what appears to be a dry dock near the Distillation Towers, along with 2 blue cranes. There is a large tide wall around the base which has concrete Guard towers on it. There are large oil cisterns opposite the dry dock, one of which has an Urga Postolka parked on top.
Large Cisterns at Porto Le Gratia

Large oil cisterns at Porto Le Gratia. A SAM site can be seen on the left cistern, while there is an Urga Postolka on the right one.

At the middle of the port is a massive concrete building, which seems to be a submarine pen (a special armored dock for submarines that's meant to protect them from air attack), but strangely this building has holes in the roof, so the purpose is unknown.

The in-game description says "Razed during the Second World War and rebuilt during the tenure of the late President Dante, Porto Le Gratia processes the great bulk of Medici's inbound shipments of tanks and artillery and facilitates their distribution across the island."


The base is right on the border between Lacos and Lavanda, on the west coast of Insula Fonte.
Porto Le Gratia

A view of the base from a U-7 Dravec.




Trivia Edit

  • There are no automated gates at the entire base. On the south side one chainlink gate will always be closed, the other open, and on the east side there is no gate at all.
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