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Portugese Pete
Portugese Pete
The building where Portugese Pete was held in Kem Port Rodrigo.
Character in Just Cause 2
First appearance Be Quick or He be Dead
Faction Ular Boys
Job Business associate
Last known status Presumed dead

Portugese Pete is a character in Just Cause 2.

Personal infoEdit

He's probably Portuguese (from Portugal).


Quote from the mission briefing for "Be Quick or He be Dead": "The Ular Boys associate, known as Portugese Pete, is captured by the authorities. At the time he was in possession of sensitive Ular business data."

He was/is an associate of the Ulars. He is held by the military in Kem Port Rodrigo in the southern Rajang river delta. Sri Irawan wants Rico to locate Portugese Pete and retrieve the data before he is executed.

Quotes from the mission Be Quick or He be DeadEdit

Sri Irawan: Serdadu... My friend Portugese Pete has been caught by the authorities. Upon capture he hid his PDA, full of Ular Boys business numbers, in the safest place he could think of - his rectum. I fear however that the soldiers will execute him by firing squad and that the PDA will be ruined by gastric juice and bile. You must download all this information before they shoot him!

Sri Irawan: Quickly, get to Portugese Pete! If they kill him, his PDA will automatically shut down!

Sri Irawan: He is inside that building. Download the information through the door. It is much safer that way and less smelly, don't you agree?


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