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Próspero Hauler
Prospero Hauler (left front corner)
Vehicle in Just Cause 4
Type Truck
Weapons None
Rarity Uncommon
List of owners Black Hand
Army of Chaos
Top speed (km/h) Unknown
Top speed (mph) Unknown

Próspero Hauler is a vehicle in Just Cause 4.


It's a large 8x8 military truck.

It seems to based on the Oshkosh HEMTT.

The rear is an empty flatbed with a semi-trailer towing connector at the rear end.


The vehicle has surprisingly quick acceleration for a vehicle of its size and a decent speed. Handily, while not superb, it is fairly agile for such a large vehicle in part to its multi-link suspension. The vehicle has better then average off-roading ability, but due to its length, some care should be taken. Braking is relatively good.

The truck can tow the long semi-trailers, but due to poor programming of mass vs. suspension, the truck will look like it's having extreme difficulty. Like the other trucks, game limits restrict the truck to never turn by more than 45 degrees when under the trailer.

Versions and locationsEdit

Black Hand version:

  • At Black Hand bases.
  • One can be seen transporting an explosive "circuit breaker" by road. This was added later by a patch in may, 2019. This thing makes a pretty powerful bang, so stay well back if you see this while it's under fire from nearby Army of Chaos units. Small arms fire exposes its internal parts, but when it's still in good condition, it can survive a hit from a tank (at least from some angles).

Army of Chaos version:


  • Very unrealistically, the trailer connector is on the same level as the surrounding flatbed, which would make using it impossible.
  • It's a successor to the URGA-9380 from Just Cause 2.
    • Similarly in reality, the Oshkosh HEMTT and Oshkosh LVSR (a very similar 10x10 truck) are upgrades over the vehicle that the URGA-9380 is based on, but confusingly they are all still in production.
  • This vehicle seems to be the most ideal land vehicle to use in the mission The Lost Tomb of Otorongo.
  • It's made by Próspero.


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